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Birth Calendar

August 23 - September 22


Week 1






VIRGO – Earth sign, Mutable in the middleman’s class
Humanitarian, Selfless service,Analytical, Discrimination

Virgo is serviceable and cherishes the style of nursing others, they also have passion for hygiene. They are always particular to see that their environment is clean, and it is an obsession to the extremes Virgoans are very critical about things and that leads them to do analysis, but sometimes their preconceived notion can mislead them and therefore they must always let logic guide their analytic approaches. This pre-occupation with the environment can sometimes lead them into fear of diseases and when that happens, they become all the more critical of what they eat and what they use. They can appear to be washing their hands every minute where the fingers can be affected showing also a very serious psychological problems. They like to judge things and people, and try to shape people into their ways. The good in Virgoans is that they love work and rendering of service to others and to the extent that they feel like putting everything in order. Concerning your health, it will be good to do some aerobic exercises and drink much water to free your system.


This week has lots of opportunities for improving your financial status and you have the desire to shine in the community therefore you will like to render your services as they need you. You also will be able to expand on any project you are embarking but yet you must be steadfast and watch your back. There are lot of challenges ahead this week but if you are careful you will avoid such circumstances, Venus in your sector of self-image is opposing Neptune in your public sector, partnership and marriage, and therefore you will have to make extra effort to build a strong self-image. This week as far as you are concerned you will like to go for a big move, to step out of your personal space and expand, and to have more opportunities but again you must be careful for every move you make, you must do lot of calculations to before you identify and implement your goals.

This week some friction may ensue in your relationship but you must keep your cool and forgive and forget for its all illusions so you must learn to trust each other, and definitely your patience will be put to test and see the elasticity of your love. For your finances I will say try to start new project, some kind of thing that will be lucrative.  


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