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Birth Calendar

July 23 - August 22


Week 1






JULY 23 -- AUGUST 24
LEO – Fire sign, Fixed in the working class
Elegant and noble, Lion, Affection, Jovial
and a ruler with great Ambitions

Leo beams with energy and vitality, and their personality reflects nobility and loyalty with a show of dignity. Leo’s also has the capacity for leadership and authority. Leo has faith in himself and behaves in a majestic manner, and he is very generous. They are brave and courageous, but they can be very arrogant too, and tendency to show off. They have considerable determination to enforce their will and be ruthless and bossy over his subordinates. Leo’s are lovely and wish the, love makes him generous and enthusiastic. He likes to show and dramatize his love, in friendship they lend a helping hand and motivate his friends, but at the same time they expect mutual reception from his friends. His confidence and faith in himself often draws people to him.


Leo as Scorpio set itself in your home sector, may be it is time to pause and have a reflection of your overall life this week. Perhaps you can read book on self-development now to refresh your memory and recharge yourself.  Your ruler Sun is in Scorpio in your home sector also and by 18th November it will have a close conjunction with Mars, the planet of action and productivity, this conjunction will sextile Pluto in a favourable relationship which will trigger major changes in and around your life, you will begin to think of ways to exert yourself and wield some control. While you have lots of prospect to work hard to win the admiration of people at work you must also brace yourself for possible challenge, this will require you to identify and implement things you value much in life. This week you have the opportunity to improve your relationship with your partner, and one of the ways to do this is to surprise her by buying her something she will cherish most in life. You must be careful not to spend unnecessary and don’t be extravagant so that you can get into the habit of saving.


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