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Birth Calendar

July 23 - August 22


Week 1






JULY 23 -- AUGUST 24
LEO – Fire sign, Fixed and in
the working class Elegant and
noble Lion, Affection, Jovial and
a ruler with great Ambitions

Leo beams with energy and vitality, and their personality reflects nobility and loyalty with a show of dignity. Leo’s also has the capacity for leadership and authority. Leo has faith in himself and behaves in a majestic manner, and he is very generous. They are brave and courageous, but they can be very arrogant too, and tendency to show off. They have considerable determination to enforce their will and be ruthless and bossy over his subordinates. Leo’s are lovely and wish the, love makes him generous and enthusiastic. He likes to show and dramatize his love, in friendship they lend a helping hand and motivate his friends, but at the same time they expect mutual reception from his friends. His confidence and faith in himself often draws people to him.


Leo, this week brings a focus on creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. You may find yourself feeling inspired to pursue your passions and showcase your unique talents to the world. Trust in your creativity and allow yourself to think outside the box when it comes to pursuing your goals. This is also a favorable time for taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone, as the cosmos are aligning to support your bold endeavors. However, be mindful of seeking validation from others and instead focus on staying true to yourself and your vision. Embrace opportunities for self-improvement and personal development, as they may lead to exciting new possibilities in the future. Additionally, make sure to carve out time for fun and leisure activities that bring you joy. This is a week for embracing your inner light and shining brightly in all that you do.

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