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Birth Calendar

May 21 - June 20


Week 1






MAY 22 - JUNE 22

GEMINI– Air sign,

mutable which belong to the middleman’s class,

Ability to Communicate with people,

Friendly, and a sense of learning from the Environment

Gemini people are versatile people with the sense of awareness, they are conscious of their environment and its needs, they are dual in nature and sees double sides to everything, which makes them indecisive. They are slender and tall in appearance, they are practical thinkers they are alert and study a lot, very curious about everything. Gemini people are cunny people and can use flattery to deceive people to get what they want, sometimes people describe them as opportunistic. Gemini people are associated with the Sagittarius people, the Sagittarian aura motivates them, and also spark them into action. That makes them feel at peace. Gemini people are also sharing in the bosom of the Leo, at the same time they work happily together with the Aquarians, the two share many things in common especially expressing themselves and talking about their ways of life and their interest.


Gemini this week you will feel a beautiful touch of friendship with others who want to share social outing with you, and you may be the one putting out the plans for the get together. And this is an excellent time to build up a better home and enjoy the touch of family life. You may earn lots of fortunes from shared resources, something that will bring joy and happiness to you and your family, but you must watch your back, and someone may stab you from your back and if it does it will be a pain that will wear you down. Spending quality time with your loved one will surely bring you emotional fulfillment. This week is also favourable for you when it comes to finances but be careful that you don’t become extravagant and wastes your resources. Health wise, pay attention to your diet, take in more fruits and vegetables with aerobic exercises.


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