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Birth Calendar

October 23 - November 21


Week 4






SCORPIO is a Water sign, Fixed in
the working class,Secret Forces
of Nature,Investigation, Debt of Destiny,
Dedicated and a Loyal Friend

Scorpio is blessed with a strong magnetic personality that makes things revolve around him all the time, this same property in him endows him with great healing powers that is if he will harness them from within. Being a watery sign they are subconsciously connected with the secret forces of nature and that is why you Scorpio are much interested in finding out the reasons behind things, why things happen the way they do, you are naturally metaphysical in nature. In career Scorpios are inclined to military affairs; you are also interested in a career as a surgeon, the desire for investigation leads you into the Police force, to join the forensic division or to become a psychologist, a herbalist, a psychic or soothsayer. You are also much resourceful and very brave and courageous, and like I said the ability for secret investigation, on the other hand you have the tendency to be vindictive, jealous and misuse of sex force. Scorpios are very relentless and have intense emotions.

Scorpio has three symbols to represent the three distinct types born under the sign, the first:

1.      Stands for the lowest order of Scorpio, represents both the generative organs, which Scorpio rules and the scorpion, who carries a death sting (sarcasm) in the tail (according to Sumerian mythology, this symbol represent the spermatozoon.)

2.      .

3.      The second symbol is the eagle that flies high above the Earth into the Sun; this is the evolved Scorpio type who displays brilliance in the realm of the intellect.


5.      The third symbol is the Dove of peace, a symbol of love often seen above the altar in Catholic churches, the highest Scorpio of all. All Scorpios are obsessed with power and these three symbols reflect the ways in which Scorpio obtains it,

Through emotions and instinct. - Through intelligence - Through love”

By Maria Elise Crummere



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