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Birth Calendar

November 22 - December 21


Week 1






SAGITTARIUS is a Fire sign,
Mutable and the middleman’s class
Religious, Philosophy,Higher Mind,
Aspirations andDevoted

The centaur aims his bow and arrow so high above, he aims at the best and the highest, his aspirations are high but he has to justify his idealism, to proof that he is not pretending. Sagittarians have the interest for orthodox religion, philosophy and are mostly law abiding. They are athletic and love the out-door life more, Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius they are very generous and love to support others reach their goals or even giving of gifts. Sagittarians are noble and in appearance they look priestly and Godly, we have the genuine ones and the ones who pretend to be, sometimes to get what they want they will promise anything but eventually can change their mind. These are people who will like to be liked by everyone so will like to please people.


You may be looking for ways to relax and have some fun, some outdoor things to excite you, possibly new hobbies. You can also engage yourself in voluntary service that will give you the opportunity to meet other people with like mind. This week you may be working on a project with new group of team members but you must brace yourself for possible frictions, you may not share common ideas with some but that must not scare you or throw you off-board, it may take time but you will all learn to understand each other. This will be a challenge to your public image and your personality, it is time for you to build your personality well and establish a reputable public image, there are prospect to that effect but it is not without challenges. Your very desire to succeed will boost your earnings and improve your finances. It looks like you are getting emotional and psychologically negative and this is tearing on your relationship because of the recurring suspicion you have, like the Pandora box, you may be harbouring this negative emotions for nothing, and it will be building up as time bomb. Find good times to discuss your emotions with your partner.



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