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Birth Calendar

April 20 - May 20


Week 1






APRIL 21 -- MAY 22
Taurus is Earth sign,
Fixed in the workaholic class
Determination, Stubbornness
Love of Material matters, Financial Freedom,
Will to build financial security


Taurus is an Earthy sign, Fixed and the workaholic class. Taureans have great determination in whatever they do, because of their natural house dwelling their interest is mostly in mundane affairs, money is everything to Taureans and they define life in terms of money. They have endurance and are dedicated in relationship. It is difficult to convince a Taurean but when you finally convince him or her he stick to the deal for ever. They are short by nature and have a very thick skin and short in appearance. Taureans love to be with Scorpio’s, they are also good friends of the Virgoans and that of Capricornians. But they are also argumentative and very stubborn. He is the bully type, with a short and thick neck, he also carry a shoulder high with him. Taureans can be defensive and suspicious when they are not sure of a person or a place.


This week is an action pack period for you, Uranus and Moon are in your first sector of public image, this makes you resilient and strong willed. This point is also part of the grand trine in Earthy signs. This is an excellent period of working out for a successful career that manifest with creativity, and a strong desire to accomplish your aim, this may result in an award or earnings from shared values. This week is superb time to meet your loved one or to have a great night out for a perfect dinner, but then you have to watch out for you may encounter some sort of confrontation or meet provocations. And if you get any provocation from your partner remember to cool yourself down, for there are more beautiful things in life than allowing yourself in exchanges of unpleasant words. You must be careful of false friends and people who always pose as supporting you. When it comes to your health you must doing much of physical exercises and drink more of water and eat fruits, something’s that can free your bowls.

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