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Birth Calendar

December 22 - January 19


Week 1






DEC 22 -- JANUARY 20
CAPRICORN is an Earth sign
Cardinal Executive, Love of
Position of Power, Public Office
Organizational abilities,
Career,Focus on Profession

Capricorn, the mountain goat who soars for the high office, they gain honor from the people and are ambitious to climb up to the top. Capricorn is the executive and naturally an authority, they are good in organization. But sometimes they are seen as pessimist and also unforgiving, suspicious of everything. The Capricorn symbol is the human knee and the circular form is the kneecap, this is the part of the body that enables man to stand upright and climbs like the goat. He is also the most serious and dignified of the cardinal signs, and they are always concerned with their reputation. Capricornians are ambitious but persistent while achieving goals. It is said that both male and female Capricorn people seek a mate who is capable their of fulfilling their sexual appetites, and that occupies much of their attention.


Capricorn, this week focuses on career and ambitions. You may find yourself feeling driven to pursue your professional goals with renewed determination and focus. Trust in your abilities and take practical steps towards advancing your career or achieving your long-term objectives. This is a favorable time for setting ambitious goals and developing a strategic plan for success. However, be mindful of being too rigid or resistant to change. Stay open to new opportunities and be willing to adapt your approach as needed to overcome any challenges that arise. Additionally, don't neglect your personal life in pursuit of your career ambitions. Make time for your loved ones and prioritize your own well-being to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Overall, this is a week for making progress towards your professional aspirations while also nurturing your personal relationships

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