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Birth Calendar

December 22 - January 19


Week 1






DEC 22 -- JANUARY 20
CAPRICORN is an Earth sign
Cardinal Executive,
Love of Position of Power,
Public Office Organizational abilities,
Career,Focus on Profession

Capricorn, the mountain goat who soars for the high office, they gain honor from the people and are ambitious to climb up to the top. Capricorn is the executive and naturally an authority, they are good in organization. But sometimes they are seen as pessimist and also unforgiving, suspicious of everything. The Capricorn symbol is the human knee and the circular form is the kneecap, this is the part of the body that enables man to stand upright and climbs like the goat. He is also the most serious and dignified of the cardinal signs, and they are always concerned with their reputation. Capricornians are ambitious but persistent while achieving goals. It is said that both male and female Capricorn people seek a mate who is capable their of fulfilling their sexual appetites, and that occupies much of their attention.


Capricorn, you could be relaxing at home or visiting relatives. Allow yourself to release the tensions in your body system, perhaps spending time with friends, playing indoor games like chess or scrabble or card games. You can as well make some reshuffling touches at home decorations. Capricorn if you did some good to someone or loaned the person money, they will make effort to pay you back, and if you assisted a colleague at work place they will like to thank you and actually pay back, at the same time if you are in need do not be afraid to ask for it and assistance will come. Your creativity will earn you fortunes and it may come as a unique reward or award on a national scale. One important thing about you is you will have to organise to spend quality time with your loved one, there are some issues that you need to resolve concerning your romantic relationship, once you get closer and engage in a dialogue you will see the beauty in your relationship. You can earn lot more money by starting a new business or get yourself into a new partnership, however there are fortunes underway from your past effort.

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