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Birth Calendar

January 20 - February 18


Week 1






AQUARIUS is an Air sign,
Fixed in the working class,
Selfless Love, Revolutionary,
sense of friendship, Altruism,
and Freedom fighter Humanitarianism 

You are inclined to universal friendship and cooperation, Aquarians crave for freedom and do not accept boundaries, because they belief in universal brotherhood and knows how to relate well with all manner of people. They are also inclined to science and technology; the Aquarians have an unyielding resistance to pursue their goals to the end. They are normally concerned with the problems of the community rather than the individual. They are much opened people and friendly, but sometimes they love to belittle others and like to argue diminishing the self-esteem of others by ignoring their arguments or regarding them as unworthy or overemotional. Aquarians like to work hard at instituting reforms or help to do that. Sometimes this will lead them to become extremist and radicals. They are the unconventional type stepping into new territories, sometime they are classified as opener of doors, the inventors, and pioneers. They spend much time making friends, to them friendship is a joyous adventure.


Aquarius, this week encourages you to focus on your social connections and community involvement. You may find yourself feeling inspired to collaborate with others towards a common goal or to participate in group activities that align with your values. Trust in the power of teamwork and community support to help you achieve your objectives. This is also a favorable time for networking and making new connections that could lead to exciting opportunities in the future. However, be mindful of being too detached or aloof in your interactions with others. Show genuine interest and compassion towards those around you, and be open to forming deeper connections. Additionally, this is a good week for exploring your humanitarian side and finding ways to give back to your community or contribute to causes that are important to you. Overall, embrace the spirit of collaboration and connection that surrounds you this week


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