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Birth Calendar

June 21 - July 22


Week 1






JUNE 22 -- JULY 23
CANCER is Water sign,
Cardinal in the executive class,
Capacity for home Life, Protector
of Home, Intuitive Love of Properties

Cancer loves the home, he feels well protected by home life and its environment, and he has the capacity for home building and organization, because of that he has passionate sympathy for children and women, whatever he is doing or where ever he is as a result of home. Cancer the crab functions on land but when he is uncertain withdraws to the sea, this is symbolically how the Cancerians are, the crab will withdraw into it shell on the slightest hint of danger. Cancerians are very sensitive of their environment and if they sense some awkward circumstances in their environment they will recoil into their shell. So when you are a friend of them you will have to be honest and plain to them else when their suspicion grows, they will detach themselves from you. They are very passionate and in relationship, they expect you to be lovely and caring as they are. They have a very deep emotions though on the normal routine they put up positive attitude when they are confronted with challenges or when they feel suspicious their emotions stirs up just like stone thrown into water, everything become blurred.


This week you could be focusing on your career a lot and you will set a long time goals for yourself, but be careful when you are on a business trip, do not give in to any provocations Just focus on your objectives and be diplomatic as much as you can. Through your friends you will find fortunes, also consider the fresh ideas and opportunities that will come out of larger participation. You are now free to mingle with others in social gatherings. It is obvious you will be in good mood, and that will persuade and inspire your loved ones to share quality moments with you. The other side of things is that this week will be bad as far as finances is concerned, it will give you headache, thinking. Yet instead of sitting down crying try and find solution to it. Perhaps the best advice is to learn to plan in a more disciplined way to cut your coat according to your size. Try and also maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid junk foods.

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