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Birth Calendar

September 23 - October 22


Week 1






LIBRA is Air sign,
Cardinal in the executive class
Balance and Law, sense of partnership,
Fine Arts,Love of beauty, ornaments

The symbol for Libra is an empty scale, which unlike the other symbols of the zodiac, is an inanimate object, neither human nor animal. This suggests that Libra is without life of its own, that it needs constant motivation and stimulation from the outside in order to be functional. Librans cherish beauty and they are very sociable coupled with the fact that they are doers not thinkers. One of the characteristics of them is that they are easy going but as long as they get what they want. To be frank Libra is the most ungrateful sign of the zodiac and that is why the word narcissist is attributed to this sign. Librans have distinctive eyes that are very charming.


Libra this week is not a time of major activities; it’s a time to retreat, a time of reflections to re-strategize your life and your career. You may be opportune to meet people who will introduce you to collaborate on a project, you may as well meet others who will give you positive response and you just have to be receptive and your effort and involvement will pay off very well, this is a magnificent shared resources that can be a game changer and this will definitely be able to get you out from the place of retreat. When it comes to your love life, there is a clear reflection that you will spend time with your loved one and you will need to give her much attention and listening ear, something that she will cherish for a long time. In this case you must also learn to compromise certain issues in marriage or relationship. There are some psychological issues you are dealing with and this week, the disappointments and obstructions you will experience will leave you to be depressed, but no matter the pain of a rough relationship you have been through, it is time to move on and make the best out of your new situation. Apply yourself to meditation and aerobic exercises, that will heal the wound in a more positive way.

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