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The journey we have made thus far

Liberian Civil War II

Ivorian Civil War II

Massacre of Namibians by German Soldiers in (1904-1908)

The Enslavement of black People in Western Sahara

Ivorian Civil War I

Algerian Independence War

The Massacre of Congolese by King Leopard of Belgium

The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba

The Biafran War

Boko Haram Rebels

Al Shabaab Rebels

Killing of Nine Military Generals by Firing Squad

Sierra Leone Civil War

Liberian Civil War I

Killing of three High Court Judges in Ghana

Apartheid South Africa

Rwanda Genocide

Wake up Africa

Rivonia Trial

Soweto Massacre

Sharpeville Massacre

The Riots of 28th February 1948

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