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Birth Calendar

February 19 - March 20


Week 1






PISCES is a water sign,
Mutable in the middleman’s class.
Limitations, Sensitive to
Super-physical influences, Sensitive
To global concerns, Intuitiveness,
Compassion, lack of confidence

Inclined to super physical influences, your subconscious memory is very active and it makes you a dreamer. You are also having a sense of unity with all life. The symbol of Pisces is the two fishes tied together, a symbol reflecting that your life and freedom is depended upon what u did in the

Past, that u must work on the unfinished business from the past before you are allowed to move on and as a Pisces you have come into this incarnation with your ripe destiny. Pisces is said to be dreamy as I said early and their characteristics is vagueness and indecisiveness. Pisceans need constant reassurance of love they get hurt and dejected if their friends or relations fail to show love gestures to them, in fact what they actually crave for is affection.


This week brings you lots of anxiety and fear and this comes from your deep seated subconscious feelings. You are not sure of your heart feelings and you have doubt about a relationship you are in, perhaps your partner is giving you the reason to create this dilemma, but have you put your relationship to test, why don’t you find a way to proof to yourself, if its real or not, if there is real love and affection. Perhaps you need to wake up from your slumber and you will begin to feel the beauty of your love relationship. Uranus and Venus are in a beautiful aspect in a grand trine and therefore all the negative feelings of doubt may be illusions. Take charge of your love and set the stage for sweet love and see how it will go. When finally Saturn turns direct you will have greater motivation to set various projects which will yield fortunes. The atmosphere is charged up and therefore do everything in moderation and listen to others at work place and consider their suggestions. Take lots of water, and pay attention to your health.






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