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Birth Calendar

March 21 - April 19


Week 1






MARCH 21 -- APRIL 21
Aries is Fire and Cardinal sign
which is an executive class,
Ambition for Power and Recognition,
Kind hearted, with Dynamic Energy

Arians are known to have self-esteem with pioneering attitude, their brave nature put them ahead of others, at the same time Arians are always bursting with high energy and activity, but there is an element of egotism in their attitude. They become self-willed when their ruling planet is afflicted. In relationship, Arians are attracted the Librans and they also pull well with Sagittarians. When Arians meet Gemini people their energies set them on social funfair and cannot rest. Arians are the initiators of actions and are always in a rush. Headache is one of their health issues.


Aries this week beginning shows signs of good luck, Uranus is part of a grand trine in your earthy signs, it is making a favourable link to Venus the planet of beauty and of business skills, guess what, this is a romantic moment for you and you will feel better by showing your loved one lots of love. Remember the little gifts in relationship are the once which kindle love. Uranus and Moon are also closely connected in the same sign, your desire to start a project and make success on it will manifest and you will gain lots of material fortunes but the week itself is full of up and downs. Your psychological tendencies will be centered on suspicions, and subconscious negativities which may wear your body down. Take your time to verify any such suspicions before acting.

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