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Unlocking Positive Energy: The Power of Garlic Transformation Ritual

Power of Garlic

Garlic, whose scientific name is Allium Sativum, is closely related to Onion, Shallot, Leek, Chive, Welsh onion, etc. Garlic is mainly used for seasoning and also cooking and flavoring, but it is also used as a medicine by many traditional cultures to treat various diseases in Healing.

There is one method employed to aid a person to achieve his goal. There are people who strive to achieve a meaningful life but they experience lots of obstacles, there are those who absorb negative energy and sometimes generate depression, and applying Garlic will go all the way to transform their lives. Sometimes you will see a person who looks so sickly just because he has contaminated negative energy which has gripped him and devoid him or her of dynamic energy, he is morally and emotionally broken and subconsciously he thinks he can't do any meaningful work or activity.

Such people will benefit in transforming their lives from a low, moody, and sorrowful life to a more enthusiastic and buoyant lifestyle.

  • You will need to buy Garlic and take 3 pieces

  • Sea salt about 1/8 of a teaspoon

  • A small amount of water

You will have to put the 3 pieces of garlic in your mortar or any neat and clean object you can pound the garlic into a paste, you don't have to peel the cover, they are part of the healing portion you are making. Whiles you pound this garlic you will add the small salt and water. During the process of pounding you must concentrate on your wishes, ask God to remove any negative energy from you pave the way, and open good ways for you. Your imagination at this time must be strong and have faith that God loves you and will accept to bless your heart's desire. When the paste is smooth enough put it in a soft cloth or in a strainer and squeeze the water out, you will then use this water, and rub it on your face and heart, as you do this you must recite Psalm 51 and 35, and 91. Pray to God to bless you with Good luck; any evil curses placed on your life and your way must be destroyed and turned into fortunes. Your desire will surely come to pass.

You will have to do this at midnight or before you go to bed, don't wash it away wait till it's dry and sleep in the morning you will wash it away and bathe.

it will be a new day for you, a time of sunshine, so turn your life into a happy and blessed one.

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