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Fishes happily swimming, Let this be a symbol for your Happiness
Let Your Aura Shine and Make Others Happy

Positive thinking may be defined among other definitions as a mental attitude in which you approach life's challenges with a positive outlook.

As a matter of fact, so important and interesting is positive thinking that volumes or rather libraries have been written about it, covering a wide range of topics including stress management, health improvement, happy marriage, subconscious training and inner healing, etc. Time and space will not permit to delve deep into these various topics. Suffice it to say from the onset that positive thinking is one of the vital tools the aspirant on the path of spiritual development needs on his/ her spiritual journey.

As pointed out in a previous discourse, THOUGHT is an instrument of tremendous potency, the most precious and powerful weapon given to man by his Creator since the dawn of time to fight the battle of life, to withstand the onslaughts of the storms of life; in short to become conqueror of life' s difficulties.

However, this powerful tool is a double- edged sword which can wreak havoc if used recklessly and irrationallyly. It cannot be gainsaid that thought forms, good or bad, surround us everywhere. In fact the atmosphere is loaded with them. Every thought we generate is indeed a vibrating living thing which takes definite form and colour and persists for a longer or shorter period of time according to the amount of will power injected into it.

In this connection, it is worth noting that if we throw a stone into the air, the act is not complete until the reaction has carried the stone back to earth. In that case the effect follows the case so speedily that it is not difficult to connect the two. But if we wind the spring of an alarm clock, the power is stored up in the spring until a certain mechanism releases it, then comes the effect, the ringing of the bell.

Although we may be sleeping the sleep of forgetfulness, the reaction or unwinding of the spring takes place just the same. Similarly, thoughts or acts which we have forgotten will some time or another produce their results.

Hence the need to be vigilant and mindful of the thoughts we emanate and establish in our aura. We can attune our thoughts to whatever rate of vibration we wish. We can attune them to the wave lengths of war or strife, or to peace and harmony; to separateness and hate, or to unity and love; to selfishness and want, or to selflessness and abundance.

It is indeed a truism that according to our thoughts and acts, so shall our days be. If our days are filled with thoughts and acts of anger, envy, jealousy, revenge, malice, intrigue, gossip, backstabbing, resentment, intolerance, hate, tribalism, racism, vindictiveness, prejudice, bigotry, etc. , we ruin bright lives, crush our hopes and ambitions, destroy happiness, not only to others but also to ourselves. We should endeavour at all times to rid ourselves of harmful and destructive thoughts which are clogs that injure our health and hinder spiritual growth.


How can this be done, one may ask?. It can be done thru a process called SUBLIMATION which consists in overcoming negative thoughts by working on them mentally and removing the energy therefrom and shunting same into equally satisfying, appropriate and positive thinking.

Positive thinking presupposes that we should have a strong desire for better thoughts. It implies that we should think of all that expresses love, compassion and beauty in life; look for beauty whenever we may be; it can be found no matter where; we should look for beauty in everything, in every ugly situation. Above all, we should strive to create something beautiful every day; make someone' s life a little more pleasant by a kind word or act;  make our physical surrounding more attractive, not by hating that which is ugly, but by replacing it with something better.

In this regard and to refresh our memory, it is deemed necessary to recall once again the story of Christ walking one day with His disciples when they came upon a dead dog on the road. In disgust the disciples vividly expressed their revulsion at the nauseating sight. But Christ, looking intensely at the decomposing carcass said: "Pearls are not whiter than his teeth."

Let's remind ourselves that one of the most useful forms of constructive thought is that which looks for good in all things, in every ugly situation. Giving continuing thought and attention to that which is good increases the good and builds up a power in the thinker which cannot be vanquished. Thus we learn to "overcome evil with good" as taught in the Gospels.

Thoughts are things that shape our lives and environment, and have lasting effects on our health, well-being and growth. And where such thoughts are confined along narrow, self- seeking lines, we cannot bring lasting fruitfulness and worth into our lives.

Henri Thomas Hamblin expresses this beautifully in the following words:

"It is a metaphysical truth that the outward life is a reflection of our thought life. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. It is equally true to say that as a man is, so does he think, as he thinks, so do his outer life and circumstances. Therefore, as a man is, so is his environment."


In Loving Fellowship to All

Victor Afagbegee

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