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We shall always remember the days of slavery, and the liberation struggles of Africa, the memories will never fade away.

Black leaders have said “There is a part of history we know and a part of history that has not had the opportunity to be highlighted”. Indeed, Black history month is about rekindling the spirit of the black race, charging our thought forces and waking up to reality and taking control of our own affairs. It is also about refusing to accept the fact that we are inferior. These are terms created to scare the black child, to tell the black child that they cannot sit together with other children because those children are superior. Ironically, the black child is as intelligent as any other child; the difference is that black children have limited resources because society defines the amount of their resources, gold, diamond, oil, bauxite aluminum, etc, and society walks into the black land and claims the resources of the black land by using intimidation tactics. Africans are very much resourceful, but the western world rushes into our lands and fights for supremacy there just because of our resources. Any black leader who refused to accept the proposal of the west was eliminated or ousted from power by corrupting one or few Africans to turn against their own leaders, thus, 1960’s series of Coup d’état started, and this disintegrated the spirit of African unity. In order to do this, they introduced several foreign cultures into the land of Africa and pretended that they brought progressive lifestyle, but that was to suppress the spirit of the black child, but the Black spirit is resilient, you can’t break us. We will always rise up and shine. We remember, we still remember the attempt made to overthrow the first president of Ghana, and the destruction of Africa's dream to build a formidable continent. But tell them we never give up, we are resilient and we know someday we shall overcome. Ed Dwight, the first black American astronaut candidate was not allowed into NASA after JF Kennedy's death, James Meredith the first African-American student admitted to the racially segregated University of Mississippi after the intervention of the federal government. Katherine Johnson worked so hard for NASA yet her name had little acknowledgement, Rosa Parks was being asked to vacate her bus seat for a white. infact there are countless examples of how they try to intimidate the Black, how they discriminate against the black but we shall never give up, some daay we shall overcome

We shall overcome someday

There is Victory in Sight 

Forward ever Backward Never

There is Hope for Victory

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