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8TH APRIL 2024 AT 3:12pm EST

While a partial Eclipse will be visible across the whole of America, only a strip of the country from Texas to Maine will experience the Total Solar Eclipse

It will also pass through part of Canada

This Eclipse will be total in certain part of North America and partial Solar Eclipse in some other parts, in Canada it is know that it will appear in Kingston, Niagara falls, and Hamilton, but in Toronto it will be partial Eclipse. The Total Solar Eclipse is such an amazing sight but it is also a rare occurrence, and it is said that after this 2024 Eclipse, America will see another Eclipse like this in 20 years’ time.

The Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, will have a powerful global impact and on all zodiac signs, but the specific influences will vary depending on each sign's unique characteristics. The fact that Lilith is found close to the South node is a fact of great value, there are symbols of illusions and something that can trigger major world events, something that will stun the world, both man-made and natural.


The Total Solar Eclipse is actually the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon

 And this conjunction takes place in the warrior sign of Aries, Chiron the wounded Healer is closely linked to this Eclipse and Mercury the planet of reason is retrograde in Aries too. Lastly the planet of relationship, business strategies (Venus) is also seen in Aries being sextile to Pluto. All these planets positioned in Aries the fiery sign reflect a complex kind of energies merging together which will manifest on the global stage as an uncontrolled energy that create power complexes in the minds and emotions of people, becomes irritated at the slightest provocation and intolerant, this is where confrontations and tensions begin to mount. These tensions are already mounting and appear as time bomb. Besides these energies  building up in Aries, the Dark Moon, (Lilith) is in opposition to the solar eclipse and in conjunction to Moon’s north node which represent a rebellious energy in us, and this represent a time when people are not willing to compromise at all. The energies on the 8th of April will darken the light of life and the fact that Mercury is retrograde shows there is hidden information, and a time when it is not too good to make fresh decisions. Our primal urges and our unconscious desires may lead us astray in our decisions. However these energies will impact every Zodiacal sign differently. Individual lives will respond to cosmic vibrations according to their own inner natures and

Here is a general overview the eclipse and the various cosmic energies in the skies and their impact


We must expect social dis-satisfaction and communities who are disgruntled. People will demand for their freedom and will not succumb to intimidation's, treat and bully. And this is a time of radicalism and rebelliousness, Lilith in a horoscope reflects our primal urges, sexual natures and unconscious desires, Lilith represent where we are not willing to compromise, and all the circumstances which are not to strong may fall prey to Aries triggers.


While Venus is part of the Aries’s fiery energy, it also offer a window of opportunity for peace, for serenity and for reconciliation, however the sextile of Pluto brings a subtle energy that will also stretch for opportunities and power, this is so because the Pluto effect is actually in frictional square aspect to Uranus. This is what can elude the Venus spirit of harmony.



This aspect is an extension of the full Moon that occurred on the 25th of March 2024, Chiron is the planet that brings out the pain, situation where we feel wounded, The close conjunction of this planet to the Eclipse shows there are several circumstances that can bring the world some terrible experiences, the kind of events that may be a long time consequences, a kind of revenge. This wound and pain may stay for about six month before the pain begins to subside.


The spectacle of the eclipse in fiery Aries significantly conjunct the planet of the mind and unfortunately it is retrograde. When Mercury is retrograde there is the tendency to make mistakes in your decision making, and make hasty decisions that may lead you to correct it later on. As the Solar Eclipse brings darkness so it reflects the darkening of your light, a time when things become blurred. Information’s are not too clear and appear to be hidden. For this and various other reason this period is not the best to make important decisions, it’s actually a time of retreat and sober reflections, a time to re charge your thought forces and use your time to build your power of meditation



Is an obvious symbol of Karma, a time nature send a message to the world, that you have an obligations to fulfill, and that there must be a balance in nature, showing how the world has refused to follow the laws of nature and therefore something radical must be initiated to purge the system. This Eclipse has several aspects indicative of Karma and when it comes we must embrace it and learn the lessons that come with it. The fact that the north node is in conjunction in Aries shows what will come will be as a result of impatience, arrogant desire for power and lot about power struggle and struggle for property. For many reasons April 2024 seem to be the most important month of the year, a kind of turning point. A time when the world will have to pause and make fresh decisions, to make corrections and to build upon the past experiences.



On the 20th of April Jupiter will conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees in the Earthy fixed sign of Taurus, triggering a whole new cycle of spiritual awakening and breakthroughs, this period will bring the tendency for creativity with lots of surprises in the financial sector. This same aspect of the two planets will build relationships and relationship changes, this is all about romance, Taurus is being ruled by Venus and so it’s a beautiful time of romance and love in the air. Uranus is a planet of sudden  and electrifying changes and a desire for freedom when this planet of abundance, fortune and expansion join forces with Uranus fortunes abound and there is significant grow in fortunes. This configuration breeds abundance, sudden changes and hope, but events leading to this conjunction may defeat the prospects awaiting you. The conjunction is only a culmination of what has been formed for several weeks already, and the Solar Eclipse may have defined what will happen on the 20th. More over there is another planetary configuration forming and which may overshadow the blissful atmosphere the Uranus and Jupiter could bring. The symbolism of this conjunction is like explosions at a wedding party that injured people resulting in pain and disappointments. A party that turn into fighting. Yet the world can do something to guard against turbulence and violence


Mars and Saturn are malefic planets and when they meet up in conjunction there is tendency to fire and explosions, their togetherness signify we have reached the war zone, and turbulent terrains. This conjunction can cause real harm to you, this can bring accident, wars, and even burns and this is the configuration that can overshadow the beauties of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions. The impulsiveness in the atmosphere is unpredictable and there are several subtle energies which may escalate any little provocations, what the world needs is to call for reconciliations, and throw reason out there showing the reason for peace and harmony, perhaps we have reached the end of a cycle and about to start a new cycle. Whatever it is the world must brace for shake up that may also be a turning point.






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It is the time to have self examination, reflection and building within ourselves the Christlike qualities of forgiveness, mercy, kindness, inner peace, unconditional love and tolerance with each other. The key to all our human woes is love, love and love.

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