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(English name)-CLOVE BASIL


1. Colds 7. Dysentery

2. Chest cold 8. Worms in children

3. Fever 9. Anemia

4. Headache 10. Typhoid

5. Impotence 11. Ulcer sore

6. Diarrhea 12. Stomach ache

There are various ways by which you can apply this herb to solve a particular problem, in some cases you need to add one or two other herbs to make it more potent. Some times you need to boil and other times you need to grind the raw leafs and make it into concoction. Sometimes combine it with other herbs. Take your time to learn more about how to use it to solve various diseases. Boiling the leafs and living it for 15 to 30 minutes then sipping it is good for people who normally feel dizzy when they wake up and also good for cleansing the body. Grinding the leaves combining it with about 5 of black pepper and drinking is good for warming the body and anti aging, note it must not be too concentrated and so if possible strain it, that must be your own discretion

1. The leaves contain arginine that boosts sperm production to promote fertility and child bearing in men.

2. Consumption of scent leaves is good to cleanse the digestive system by repairing the lining membrane of the digestive tract.

3. Intake of the leaves is supportive in the combat of colitis, peptic ulcer, piles (Hemorrhoids), gastritis and constipation.

4. Scent leaves easily combat and suppress the growth of abnormal cells

5. The consumption of scent leaves guarantees respiratory health by warding off respiratory ailments such as cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, cold, catarrh and tuberculosis .

6. The leaves are abound in anti-inflammatory effect to combat swellings,body pains, arthritis and osteoporosis .

7. Regular use of scent leaves cushions the body with anti aging advantage to slow down the aging process to make one look younger.

8. The leaves have anti-pyretic property to combat fever and malaria.

9. Consumption of scent leaves lowers blood sugar content and cholesterol in the body which in effect helps the body to combat diabetes and give protection to the pancreas cells.

10. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in the scent leaves when consumed, helps the body to fight menstrual pains.

The scent leaves have antiseptic and antibacterial effect to kill bacteria in the mouth to promote oral hygiene and arrest bad breath. It is therefore very useful to use the liquid extract to clean the teeth.

12.The scent leaf is fill with zinc, tannin and eugenol compound that have anti-fungal effect to combat vaginal discharges and limit the secretion of vaginal fluid .

13. The fragrance pageantry smell of scent leaves repels off mosquitoes and flies.

14.Consumption of scent leaves is a must for smokers since the leaf has the ability to eliminate and repair damage in the body caused by nicotine.

15. The chemical compounds in the scent leaves has positive effect on the brain to ward off stress.

16. The vitamin A in the scent leaves react positively to combat eye infection like conjunctivitis and other related eye problems.

17. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in the scent leaves makes it a natural agent for food preservation.

18. Intensive use of the scent leaves is good and is a natural means of combating Premature Ejaculation.

19. Scent leaves is good for treating urinary infection such as gonorrhea and vaginitis.

20. The liquid extract from the scent leaves is good for combating skin diseases like ring worm, eczema etc.

21. The scent leaves is highly recommendable for fighting postpartum disorders or discomforts.


Pregnant woman should keep off from the use of nunum (scent leaves) because the chemical compounds can trigger miscarriage.

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