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Learned Mystics and Spiritual Astrologers have noted that conception is not necessarily coincident with the physical union of the parents, and every union has a definite purpose for which it has been consummated. The Lords of destiny watch and guide humanity in their growth processes, it goes on to state that sometimes two weeks or even more elapses before fertilization takes place, ere the auspicious moment awaited by the Recording Angels or their agents strikes. At that time cosmic conditions are such that they will form a body which will facilitate the expression of the Ego seeking re-embodiment and aid it to work out its self-generated destiny. Max Heindel further reiterated it should also be remembered by students that the moment of delivery is not the time of birth from the spiritual point of view. The inhalation of the first complete breath usually accompanied by a cry is the moment when the incoming Ego receives its stellar baptism, (The actual time of birth). This renders it ever susceptible to the influence of the particular configuration of the star existing at that moment, and therefore the stars affect each individual differently from all others, not even the horoscope of twins are alike.


From anatomical point of view, during the time when the baby is in the mothers womb there is a passage through the left and right ventricles where blood flow occurs, but the moment the child comes out, the hole seals and that is the moment the child cries as it has been said earlier. While in the womb he or she is under the mothers control and so his blood flows in and out of the mother's womb. Before a child is born, the blood is oxygenated via the placenta, so the development of the child’s bodies while in the womb is depended on the mother’s anatomical condition, but after birth the blood is oxygenated through the child’s own heart and lungs.

The baby is born into wet condition and this causes great discomfort to the newborn so he or she attempts to cry. To cry, the newborn child must breathe and this results in the first respiratory gasp. Air is sucked into the lungs with the help of the respiratory muscles. This process of air entering his or her lungs for the first time in life, start the circulation of the blood in the child’s own system. This allows the passage of oxygenated blood to go from right atrium to the left atrium.


The moment of the first cry of a child’s delivery is a very significant one, being considered as the natural stamp or the blueprint from which a child owns his or her identity. This is the identity by which nature knows and identifies one as an individual. In view of these factors, every labour midwife, nurse or a doctor must be aware and take particular concern during child birth. There must be a concerted public education to record and document every child’s birth date as well as the birth time. Philosophers say that one can change many things in his or her life, but one can never change his or her date of birth, nor the place of birth because that is one's natural identity.


In ancient Greece, Scholars, Priests and Scientists educated the public about the necessity of time and date of birth. In the Western world today, the time and date of a child's birth is recorded accurately and throughout his or her life it remains the means of his or her major identity. Once someone's Identity card is entered into the computer his or her birth data and all the personal information open up. In this digital age and civilization, we need to adopt the best means of keeping record of every member of the community, the moment he or she is born into the (world) soil. Max Heindel (The great western Mystic) has said every human being's body emits a particular rhythm, significantly different from any other person and this makes a person unique. This rhythm creates the tone and harmony that make every organ in the system function appropriately. If at any point in time, there is a discord in a person (discord in the rhythm), then one begins to experience different types of sickness that we see. Every birth aligns with a particular star in the heavens which eventually set everybody's keynote. This keynote is what emit particular tone in the body. This tone creates the kind of image around you which others see as the “Persona”, The mask, (Personality, Aura) and from this personality, one functions under a particular temperament and behaves distinctively different from others. Max Heindel as well as other Astrologers have emphasized that when the map of the heavens at the moment of birth is ascertained, and with proper analysis of the geometrical patterns and configurations of the heavens, by a person who is well versed in the science and art of Astrology, he can tell what life is in-store for the new soul. In Ancient Greece and in Egypt as well as in the West, Great Astrologers were employed by the royal families to give counsel for the future about what is in store for them and for the nation in general. These experts guided the Kings in their planning and thinking. In Tibert and other Eastern culture, when a child is born an Astrologer is called to tell the destiny of the child in a special ceremony.


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