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Oh Mother Nature, why do you look on while your children perish?

Children have become maimed, other’s one legged, some have lost two limbs,

women with their babies at their backs walk with two clutches,

many others have no food to sustain them, children have been butchered

and massacred. Such a horrible scene.

Oh Mother Nature, how long will look on while your children perish?

Look at the war torn countries like Rwanda, Angola, Burundi, Sierra Leone,

Liberia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Israel, Palestine,

Consider how these orphan will feel,

the mental and emotional agony of struggling for survival.

Oh patrons of mankind, rise up with the rising sun of the 21st century

and rescue the perishing,

For your future leaders may otherwise have nothing

other than to begrudge, revenge, hate, envy

and destroy the surface of the world.

A child who is cared for, guided and sympathized,

lives to care and labour for peace and harmony for posterity.

Oh noble men of this age, patrons of mankind,

show the strength of your humor,

rescue the lower races from dying,

Mother Nature

show us the way to unite,

show us the way to tolerate each other,

show us the way to love each other,

and show us the way to share our resources equally.

Protectors of mankind, rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

Wrote it during the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone (1991)

This poem is dedicated to all the children and women who are suffering and those who are killed in places like Afghanistan, Israel, Ukraine, Africa, Palestine and many other places we may not know. We also ask for prayers of world peace and blessings for all of them.

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