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In many circumstances when we go out we interact with many different people, in the act we get contaminated our aura mingles with others who have negative energies and we tend to draw such energies. The worse part of it is not only with one person so there is much different negative energy which has blended in this matter. Some of these energies bring us bad luck, some give us bad feeling sometimes end up developing into depression or anxiety. Sometimes too it affects our character traits making one either aggressive or timid. In other cases there are people who use their negative thought to infect others with negative energy. There are many other ways by which your Aura can be contaminated with such negative auras and there without you having any concrete knowledge of any infection you can take the precaution to cleanse your aura and establish positive energies around yourself. Auric cleansing must be a regular practice. There are many methods of auric cleansing but I will give you one or two ways.

Get a nutmeg heat it slightly, but it must not burn

After that recite Psalm 119:17 – 24, And Psalm 108.

Now say your wish and put it on a small sachet. Where ever you go let it be in your pocket.

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