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It is true that each one is born with particular traits of character, and with specific temperament, yes but that is the innate nature of the person, most of the time we pick certain traits from our early environment, the atmosphere at home and the cultural life style affects your growth, and this tends to build concepts and believe systems in your thought. Sometimes the parents talks about particular tribes or ethnic groups or particular race and this sink deep into your subconscious memory and these affect the way you do things, the way you see others and the way you treat them. Most of the time we go on developing these traits in our subconscious mind without being aware that you are surrounding your thought with concepts that will become very formidable emotions These emotional concepts dictate how you actually live your life, there are instances where you become obsessed with getting certain positions, getting fortunes and money without having the foundation to achieve this and so resort to diabolical means.

The most genuine life and the most law abiding people follow the natural rhythms of life, the universal laws of nature and give in to the flow of nature and they attain peace of mind, where as other people think negatively, envy and jealous others of what they have, sometimes even think they have the right to change the cause of someone’s life and fortunes so they will use evil means or consult a black magician to employ charms and talismans to obstruct other peoples ways. Some people think they are fighting a just cause and judge others wrongly why, because they normally don’t even know anything about a person’s destiny. Others feel others have offended them by this or that and will like to punish the person or seek revenge without even thinking about forgiveness or mercy. Why do people have such obsessive feelings and desires such that they won’t stop at anything to do evil, which quiet often leads to  their own destruction? 

There are many people who are born with tendencies which are very sensitive, tendency to:

1.      commit suicide

2.     Jealousy and envy

3.     Obsessive desire for money

4.     Destroy other peoples fortunes

5.     Envy and want what belongs to others

6.     Wantonly desire other peoples wife’s, husbands, children, or other peoples properties.

7.     To lie and pretend

The fact is these tendencies which are always shown in our horoscope can be averted if we live a disciplined life and if our growing ages were guided by principles that enhances better human relationships, something that involve allowing other people their own space and accepting others the way they are. There are many who think you can always have your way even if you step on other people’s toes or bully others and grab what belongs to them. But in life there are consequences to every action, consequences which will manifest in our life either in the present life or the next. You must learn to accept others the way they are, because we have no idea why things are as they are. In your horoscope there may be planetary configurations which present some of these negative traits that may hinder your own inner peace and progress. You must always examine your emotions and ask yourself if your emotions and attitude is helping your progress.

Usually your subconscious mind feeds your conscious mind with false impressions and you take it into concrete expressions. I hope and pray that this piece of material will guide you, motivate you, so that you begin to examine your relationship of all kinds with others.

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3 commentaires

20 janv.

Perfect piece thanks


Thank you for the reminder on how we can help to control and keep our minds in check— not allowing negative tendencies to manifest in our lives. In so doing, we build a, A sane mind, a soft heart and a sound body.


20 janv.


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