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Mercury in mythology symbolizes Hermes the Olympian god of Knowledge and he is the Messenger of the gods and significantly in Astrology it symbolizes our mind and communications and for that matter our intellect. Mercury has left the airy sign of Libra and has entered Scorpio, the sign of mysteries, and things that are hidden and secrets. While we are still contemplating on the effect of the recent Solar Eclipse, Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio offers the seeker of the truth opportunities to find deeper intellectual and spiritual understanding of the transformation we are experiencing. This Mercury transit triggers your sense of curiosity and the desire to seek for deeper truth, to find out mysteries and secrets, it also give us the ability to discover a lot more things about our lives.

What will intensify this Mercury energy in Scorpio is the fact that Mars the planet of dynamic energy and action also entered Scorpio it original home, and the conjunction of Mercury and Mars propels you into action, to commit yourself to study mysteries, metaphysics, Occultism and most of all Astrology, coincidentally the Sun will enter Scorpio on the 24th which is few hours from now, so you see that we are in the moment of Scorpio, and this Mercury energy charged with the Scorpio force will be prevalent to those who were born with to fixed signs. Those who have some sort of affinity to Scorpio while the Mercury transits through this force will be privileged to transform their way of thinking, it will have a considerable influence on your mindset and also your perception about life. Perhaps those who have Scorpio Ascendant and those who have Scorpio as their Sun sign or Moon in Scorpio will begin to understand more about their psychological and emotional natures. This will result in self-awareness and deep insight into the emotions of other people too. This time also offer you the opportunity to write and explain lots of things going on around you.

As Thinking of self-development must propel to start the practice of meditation, set a goal to study the metaphysics, or mysticism and still better to study astrology, to know much about yourself and to become more useful to the people in our communities and the world at large. As I said before Scorpio Mercury moment is a period that is for self-development and the ambition for spiritual seeking, the atmosphere is just ripe for stepping up your desire to grow spiritually, and so this message is to give you the inspiration and the motivation to wake up. We in the infospacetalk urge you to subscribe to this website and visit the site anytime you need inspiration and motivation, if you have anything that bothers your mind just send message to me and I will attend to your concerns.

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