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Gardening is one of my favourite hobbies and I have become acquainted with various herbal plants and flowers which are used for healing of various diseases. I have been planting flowers like hibiscus, sunflower, periwinkle, camomile, dandelion and more. My love of flowers gives me also inner refreshment and joy and I sit by the flowers and meditate for a measure of time comfortable to me. You will need to spend time with flowers to experience the refreshment they bring.

The most popular among them which is used for medicinal purposes in a large measure is the DANDELION. It is used both as herb and as a vegetable in many cultures, and Maria Treben explains in her book “health through God’s pharmacy” various ways by which you can apply the various parts of the plant as a remedy for different ailments.

According to Madam Treben,

1. If a person chewed the fresh stems of the flower five to six pieces, will bring swift relief in chronic inflammation of the liver, (it’s a sharp pain felt in the region of the lower corner of the right shoulder blade).

2. A person suffering from diabetes (diabetics) should eat up to 10 stems daily.

3. Sickly people who feel constantly tired and are without energy should take a 14 day course of treatment with the fresh stems of dandelion.

4. The fresh stems of the flower can help remove gallstones, improve the flow of gastric juices, stimulates the liver and gallbladder. Maria Treben goes on to say that besides mineral salts, Dandelion contains active substances which are of value in metabolic disturbances and as a blood purifier it brings relief in gout and rheumatism. It is also successful in jaundice and disorders of the spleen, then the root if eaten raw or taken dry in the form of an infusion, purify the blood, and improve digestion.


Astrologically Dandelion is ruled by the planet Jupiter and Jupiter rules the liver, arterial blood circulation, Adrenals. When afflicted it causes jaundice, palpitation hardening of the arteries, formation of adipose tissue, fatty generation of muscles, tumours and morbid growths, enlargement of the organs and waste of sugar and albumen as in diabetes and kindred diseases, blood poisoning, hyperaemia and apoplexy. In a good configuration these organs work in harmony as to prevent any of the diseases. The planet Saturn rules the gallbladder and therefore produces gallstones and uses urea to deposit uric acid in various parts of the body which in turn manifest as gout and rheumatism. Saturn makes the liver torpid and causes constipation but when Jupiter is strong in a chart gives a counter reactive action by dissolving gallstones and uric acid. At the same time it minimises the formation of gout in the system.


Jupiter is the ruler of Dandelion and therefore infuses the plant with the healing powers necessary to effect cure and reformation in the various parts of the body ruled by the planets, that is if the proper methods are followed. Dandelion must be taken at a propitious time of the year, month and at a particular time of the day and it be an invaluable aid in alleviating various sicknesses mentioned above. Dandelion must be taken when the Sun is in Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Also at a time when the Moon is in a watery sign or the sign Sagittarius, the flowers can be turned into juice and taken every morning and evening. Those who will give it a try will know the full import of the power of healing in DANDELION.

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