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A hole in our heart is about how all of us feel differently about the various pain and emotional trauma we feel inside. There are many who feel rejected by loved ones, others feel discriminated against. There are others who feel abandoned by family, friends that makes them empty. Some are born to homes where no one listens to them when they try to explain what is bothering them. There is a feeling of loneliness, and sense of finding escape from rejection, molestation. There is also strange feeling that you are not welcome in a family, or group. These kind of emotions develops into depression and anxiety, such people having illusions of escape from pain some contemplating suicide, murder as a way of compensation. The world has the need to listen to everyone and treat everyone equally.

The hole in our heart is very deep and vulnerable. Each one of us has a hole in some part of our heart and it gives us pain fear ,frustration and sometimes feel rejected and discriminated against, these feeling makes some to even end their life. There is a deep concern about these various emotional problems people face and in many cases it is the result of the chaos we see in the world now. There are too many rejections by people who think they are better than others and it leaves many children feel dejected, too many women are treated negatively and eventually divorced.

How do we mend these holes in our heart? How do we create harmony in society such that all these circumstances will stop, well if it cannot be stopped, there is one way left and that may be the only option and that is for a person to develop inner strength.


To develop inner strength you will need to set your own goals, and site and meditate on it, tell yourself this is where u want to reach, and once you are convinced that is what you want work towards it, it might be rough at first but you must develop strong will power. You must always meditate and exert your strength. If you are able to create this inner strength, many things negative or there will be obstructions on your way but none of them can put you off your goal. You will always keep going no matter what

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