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Yahya Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh



Yahya Jammeh, born on May 25, 1965, in Kanilai, Gambia, was a former president of The Gambia known for his controversial rule and authoritarian leadership style. He held power in The Gambia from 1994 until 2017 when he was ousted from office.

Jammeh rose to power through a military coup in 1994 when he was a young army officer. Initially, he presented himself as a reformist leader, promising to bring stability and prosperity to The Gambia. However, over time, his regime became characterized by human rights abuses, suppression of political opposition, and curbing of press freedom.

During his rule, Jammeh faced numerous allegations of human rights violations, including enforced disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings. His government was known for its oppressive tactics and lack of respect for democratic principles. Despite facing international criticism, Jammeh maintained a stronghold on power through repressive measures and control over key institutions.

Internationally, Jammeh was known for making controversial statements and decisions. He claimed to possess the ability to cure AIDS and forced HIV-positive individuals to undergo herbal treatments, disregarding scientific evidence. His eccentric behavior and erratic policies drew attention and condemnation from the international community.

In 2016, Jammeh lost the presidential election to Adama Barrow but initially refused to step down, triggering a political crisis. However, due to pressure from regional and international actors, he eventually relinquished power and went into exile in Equatorial Guinea in January 2017.

Yahya Jammeh's rule left a profound impact on The Gambia, with many citizens experiencing the effects of his authoritarian regime. His legacy is marked by a history of human rights abuses and a challenging path to rebuilding democratic institutions and promoting national reconciliation.

Inspite of the negative image Yahyah Jammeh recieve from the public he also so much impact on so many Gambian and through him many youth got a better education. He changed  lots of peoples lives for better. He also brought lots of developments to the country

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Place of Birth: Kanilai, Gambia



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Date of Birth: May 25, 65

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