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Samuel Kanyon Doe

Samuel Kanyon Doe



Samuel Kanyon Doe was a Liberian politician who served as the  Liberian leader from 1980 to 1990, first as a military leader and later  as a civilian. While a master sergeant in the Armed Forces of Liberia,  Doe staged a violent coup d'etat in April 1980 that left him de facto  head of state. During the coup, then president William Tolbert, and much  of the True Whig Party leadership were executed. Doe then established  the People's Redemption Council, assuming the rank of general. Doe  suspended the constitution and headed the country's military junta for  the next five years. In 1985, he ordered an election and officially  became the 21st President of Liberia. The election was marked by  controversy as there was evidence of election fraud. Doe had support  from the United States; it was a strategic alliance due to his  anti-Soviet stance taken during the years of the Cold War prior to the  changes in 1989 that led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


Samuel Kanyon Doe was a significant figure in Liberian history, born on May 6, 1951, in Tuzon, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia. He emerged as a pivotal political figure, primarily known for his rise to power through a military coup in 1980.

Doe joined the Liberian army and steadily climbed the ranks, eventually becoming a master sergeant. On April 12, 1980, Doe led a group of non-commissioned officers in a coup that overthrew President William R. Tolbert Jr., ending more than a century of Americo-Liberian rule in Liberia. The coup resulted in Tolbert's assassination, and Doe assumed control of the government.

Following the coup, Doe suspended the constitution, dissolved the legislature, and implemented martial law, consolidating power within the People's Redemption Council (PRC), a group he led. Doe's regime faced numerous challenges, including political instability, allegations of corruption, and human rights abuses.

In 1985, Doe held elections that were marred by irregularities and allegations of fraud, leading to his victory. However, his regime faced continued opposition and internal strife. His rule was characterized by authoritarianism and a suppression of dissent.

In December 1989, Liberia plunged into a devastating civil war, sparked by rebellion against Doe's government. The conflict was marked by widespread violence and atrocities committed by various factions. Doe's regime was accused of human rights abuses and corruption.

Amidst the civil war, Doe was captured by rebel forces led by Charles Taylor. On September 9, 1990, Doe was tortured and killed by his captors, an event that further intensified the conflict in Liberia.

Samuel Doe's legacy remains controversial. Some view him as a symbol of Liberia's troubled history, marked by political repression and instability, while others see him as a leader who attempted to address social and economic challenges but was ultimately unable to steer the country toward stability and progress.


Time of Birth: 12:45 pm

Place of Bith: Tuzon, Liberia

Long: 9 W 4

Lat: 6 N 4

Time Zone: GMT 0

Ascendant: 15 Leo

Sun Sign: 15 Taurus

Moon Sign: 20 Taurus

Date of Birth: 6th May 1951

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