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Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Augustine of Hippo




Saint Augustine of Hippo, also known as Augustine of Hippo, was a renowned theologian and philosopher in early Christianity. Born on November 13, 354 AD, in the Roman province of Numidia, in present-day Algeria, Augustine's early life was marked by a search for knowledge and truth, which led him through various religious and philosophical systems.

Augustine's mother, Monica, was a devout Christian, while his father, Patricius, was a pagan who converted to Christianity on his deathbed. Monica's influence was significant throughout Augustine's life, often steering him towards Christianity even when he was engrossed in other pursuits. As a young man, Augustine was a brilliant student, and he moved to Carthage to continue his education in rhetoric. It was in Carthage that he became involved in a hedonistic lifestyle, engaging in relationships and fathering a son named Adeodatus with a woman he never married.

During his time in Carthage, Augustine became a follower of Manichaeism, a religious movement founded by the prophet Mani, which taught a dualistic view of good and evil. Despite his deep involvement in Manichaeism for about nine years, Augustine eventually grew disillusioned with its teachings and moved to Rome and later Milan in search of more fulfilling philosophical and religious truths.

In Milan, Augustine came under the influence of Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, whose intellectual sermons and personal piety greatly impacted him. Around this time, Augustine also became interested in Neoplatonism, a philosophical system that emphasized the transcendent and immaterial nature of reality, which he found compatible with Christian teachings. His conversion to Christianity was a gradual process, marked by intense personal struggles and moments of revelation, culminating in a profound spiritual experience in a garden in Milan, famously recounted in his "Confessions." In this moment, he heard a child's voice chanting "tolle lege" ("take up and read"), prompting him to read a passage from the Epistle to the Romans, which led him to fully embrace Christianity.

Following his conversion, Augustine was baptized by Ambrose in 387, along with his son Adeodatus. He returned to North Africa, where he sold his family’s property and gave the proceeds to the poor. Augustine intended to live a monastic life, but his reputation as a brilliant thinker and speaker led to his reluctant ordination as a priest in 391 and later as the bishop of Hippo in 396. As bishop, Augustine was a prolific writer and a passionate preacher. He combated various heresies of his time, such as Donatism and Pelagianism, and his theological works laid the foundation for much of Western Christian thought.

Augustine's most famous works include "Confessions," an autobiographical account that also delves deeply into philosophical and theological issues, and "The City of God," written to defend Christianity against the accusations that it was responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire. "The City of God" presents a vision of history as a struggle between the City of God (those who live according to God’s will) and the City of Man (those who live according to human desires), and it remains a cornerstone of Christian philosophy.

Augustine's thought profoundly influenced the development of Western Christianity and philosophy. He formulated the doctrines of original sin and just war, and his views on grace and predestination shaped much of Western theological discourse. His writings bridged the gap between classical philosophy and medieval Christianity, ensuring his legacy as one of the most important figures in the history of the Church.

Saint Augustine of Hippo died on August 28, 430, during the siege of Hippo by the Vandals. His feast day is celebrated on August 28. His works continue to be studied and revered for their deep insight into human nature, faith, and the nature of God.


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Place of Birth: Souk Ahras in northeastern Algeria.



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Date of Birth: November 13, 354 AD

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