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Rt Rev Dr S. Tilewa Johnson

Rt Rev Dr S. Tilewa Johnson



Rt Rev Dr S. Tilewa Johnson, born on March 10, 1955, in Lagos, Nigeria, is a distinguished Nigerian clergyman and religious leader. From a young age, Johnson felt a strong calling to serve God and pursued his theological studies at reputable institutions. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Theology and later pursued advanced studies, earning a Master's degree and a Doctorate in Divinity. Johnson's passion for spreading the Gospel led him to dedicate his life to the ministry. He became ordained as a minister and embarked on a journey of faith, working tirelessly to inspire and uplift communities through his teachings and pastoral care. Throughout his career, Johnson served in various leadership roles within the church. His unwavering commitment to his faith and his compassionate nature endeared him to his congregation and the wider community. He demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, fostering unity and promoting spiritual growth among believers. In recognition of his exemplary service and deep theological knowledge, Johnson was consecrated as a Bishop. As a Bishop, he assumed greater responsibilities, overseeing multiple parishes and providing guidance to clergy and congregants. Rt Rev Dr S. Tilewa Johnson's ministry extended beyond the boundaries of his local church. He actively participated in ecumenical activities, collaborating with other Christian leaders to promote unity and cooperation among different denominations. He also engaged in interfaith dialogue, fostering understanding and harmony among people of different religious backgrounds. Johnson's dedication to serving God and his commitment to social justice made him a respected voice within the Nigerian community. He advocated for equality, compassion, and the upliftment of the less privileged. He actively supported initiatives addressing poverty, education, and healthcare, recognizing the importance of holistic development. Throughout his esteemed career, Rt Rev Dr S. Tilewa Johnson's leadership and spiritual guidance touched the lives of many. His teachings, sermons, and pastoral care continue to inspire individuals to deepen their faith and embrace a life of service. He remains a respected figure in the Nigerian religious landscape, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, compassion, and social impact.

Date of Birth: Mar 10, 55

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria



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Sun Sign:

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Country: Nigeria

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