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Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly)

Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly)



Robert Sylvester Kelly, known professionally as R. Kelly, was born on January 8, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois. He rose to prominence as an R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer, becoming one of the most successful and influential artists in the genre. Kelly's music career began in the late 1980s when he signed with Jive Records and released his debut album, "Born into the 90's," with the group Public Announcement in 1992. The album's success laid the foundation for his solo career, which took off with his second album, "12 Play," in 1993, featuring the hit single "Bump N' Grind."

Kelly's career reached new heights with his third studio album, "R. Kelly" (1995), and subsequent albums, which included chart-topping hits like "I Believe I Can Fly," "Ignition (Remix)," and "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time." His musical style, characterized by smooth vocals and sexually explicit lyrics, earned him the nickname "The King of R&B." Kelly's contributions to the genre also include writing and producing for other artists, such as Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Celine Dion.

Despite his musical achievements, Kelly's career has been overshadowed by numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse spanning over two decades. Accusations first surfaced in the 1990s, leading to a criminal trial in 2008 on charges of child pornography, for which he was acquitted. However, allegations continued to mount, culminating in a series of high-profile investigations and documentaries, most notably "Surviving R. Kelly" (2019), which brought renewed public attention to the accusations.

In 2019, Kelly was arrested on federal charges, including child pornography, sexual exploitation of a minor, and racketeering. He faced multiple trials across different jurisdictions. In September 2021, he was found guilty on nine counts of racketeering and sex trafficking in a federal trial in New York. In June 2022, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison. His legal battles continued with additional charges and trials in other states.

Throughout his career, Kelly's legal issues significantly impacted his public image and professional life. Many collaborators distanced themselves from him, and his music faced boycotts and removal from streaming platforms. Despite his undeniable talent and contributions to R&B music, Kelly's legacy remains deeply tarnished by his criminal convictions and the widespread allegations against him. His case has also sparked broader discussions about power, abuse, and accountability in the entertainment industry.


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Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois



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Date of Birth: January 8, 1967

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