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Rita Marley

Rita Marley



Alfarita Constantia Marley OJ, OD is a Cuban-born Jamaican  singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. She is the widow of reggae legend  Bob Marley. Along with Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt, she was a  member of the reggae vocal group the I Threes, the backing vocalists for  Bob Marley and the Wailers. Wikipedia


Rita Marley, born Alpharita Constantia Anderson on July 25, 1946, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, is a prominent figure in reggae music and the widow of legendary musician Bob Marley. Her life is characterized by her musical contributions, activism, and commitment to preserving Bob Marley's legacy.

Rita moved to Kingston, Jamaica, as a child and became involved in the local music scene in the late 1960s. She met Bob Marley through her singing group, the Soulettes, and they eventually married in 1966. Rita became an integral part of Bob Marley's band, the Wailers, contributing as a backing vocalist.

Apart from her musical career, Rita Marley is known for her involvement in various philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. She played a significant role in supporting the development of Jamaican music and culture, founding the Rita Marley Foundation to aid disadvantaged youths in Jamaica.

After Bob Marley's passing in 1981, Rita continued to honor his legacy by preserving his music and promoting his message of peace and unity. She also pursued her solo music career, releasing several albums that blend reggae, soul, and African influences.

Rita Marley's commitment to social causes is evident through her work in promoting education and healthcare in Jamaica and Africa. She has been actively involved in community projects and initiatives aimed at empowering young people and preserving cultural heritage.

Her devotion to reggae music, her advocacy for social change, and her efforts to carry on Bob Marley's legacy have solidified Rita Marley's place as an influential figure in both the music industry and humanitarian endeavors.

TIME OF BIRTH: 10:38 am

PLACE OF BIRTH: Santiago de Cuba- Cuba

LONG: 75 W 08

LAT: 20 N 0


ASCENDANT: 11 Libra 23

SUN SIGN: 2 Leo 04

MOON SIGN: 23 Gemini 14

DATE OF BIRTH: 25th July 1946

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