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Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai

Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai




Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, born on February 16, 1960, in Daudawa, is a prominent Nigerian politician known for his multifaceted career in both public service and the private sector. Raised in a Fulani family, El-Rufai overcame early challenges, including the loss of his father at a young age, to pursue education with determination.

After completing his schooling, El-Rufai ventured into the professional realm, co-founding a successful quantity surveying consulting firm, El-Rufai & Partners, in 1982. During Nigeria's military regimes from 1983 to 1998, the firm secured lucrative contracts, contributing to El-Rufai's rising stature as a businessman.

El-Rufai's entry into politics came in 1998 when he was appointed as an economic advisor following the demise of General Sani Abacha. He subsequently served in various governmental roles, including director of the Bureau of Public Enterprises under President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In 2003, El-Rufai assumed the position of Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, where he spearheaded extensive reforms, particularly in infrastructure and public service. His tenure witnessed significant strides in modernizing Abuja and combating corruption.

Despite his contributions, El-Rufai's tenure as minister was not without controversy, notably his self-imposed exile in 2008 due to disagreements with the administration of Umaru Yar'Adua. However, he returned to Nigeria in 2010 to address corruption charges, subsequently venturing into party politics and aligning with the Congress for Progressive Change.

El-Rufai's political career reached new heights when he declared his candidacy for Governor of Kaduna State in 2014. Emerging victorious in the subsequent elections, he assumed office in 2015 and embarked on ambitious governance reforms. His administration focused on fiscal responsibility, civil service reforms, and education revitalization, despite facing criticism and allegations of religious discrimination.

Throughout his tenure, El-Rufai remained committed to improving the welfare of Kaduna State's citizens, implementing initiatives such as the School Feeding Programme and education reforms. However, his leadership also sparked controversy, particularly regarding human rights concerns and allegations of religious discrimination.

In recognition of his contributions to Nigerian politics and governance, El-Rufai was honored with the Nigerian national honor of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) in October 2022. Despite the challenges and controversies he faced, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai's legacy continues to shape the political landscape of Nigeria.


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Place of Birth: Daudawa



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Date of Birth: February 16, 1960

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