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Mike Eghan, born on March 14, 1936, is a renowned Ghanaian broadcaster known by the moniker "The Magnificent Emperor." His illustrious career as a disc jockey and radio presenter spans over six decades and has left a lasting mark on the world of broadcasting and entertainment.

Born in Sekondi-Takoradi, Gold Coast (now Ghana), Eghan was the fifth of nine siblings. He was inspired by his father, Ben Eghan, a civil servant with a passion for radio, which led him to join the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in 1961. Notably, he made a significant career choice by forsaking a secured job with Barclays Bank to pursue his broadcasting passion.

In 1965, Eghan moved to the United Kingdom and worked with the BBC Africa Service, hosting the program "Music with African Beat" for four years. During this time, he became a prominent figure and had his photographs taken by renowned Ghanaian photographer James Barnor.

After his time with the BBC, Eghan returned to Ghana, driven by a desire to contribute to the nation's development and raise his family there. He continued his broadcasting career with GBC.

One of the highlights of Mike Eghan's career was serving as the master of ceremonies for the historic musical concert "Soul to Soul," which took place in Black Star Square (now Independence Square) in 1971. This extraordinary event aimed to bring together African and African-American artists to celebrate their shared heritage and roots. It featured iconic performers like Wilson Pickett, Ike and Tina Turner, Carlos Santana, Roberta Flack, and many others.

Eghan's popular talk show, "The Mike Eghan Show," which aired during the 1970s, welcomed esteemed guests, including Miriam Makeba, Ephraim Amu, and Captain J. H. Tachie-Menson.

Throughout his career, Mike Eghan made significant contributions to the field of broadcasting, and he also worked in the UK with the BBC at various points.

He later authored his autobiography, titled "The 'Emperor's' Story – From the Centre of the World," which was published in 2019. This book provides insights into his extensive experience in show business, broadcasting, entertainment, and politics, offering a unique perspective on the history of these fields.

Mike Eghan's contributions and dedication to broadcasting earned him recognition and accolades. He received the Grand Medal in acknowledgment of his meritorious service in the media. In addition, a documentary film was produced in his honor, further highlighting his remarkable career.

Mike Eghan's life and achievements have left an indelible mark on the world of broadcasting, particularly in Ghana, and his memoir stands as a testament to his incredible journey in the realm of entertainment and media.


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Mike Eghan was born on 14thMarch 1936, he is a Ghanaian broadcaster, also known as "The Magnificent Emperor". In a career as a disc jockey and radio presenter spanning six decades, Eghan hosted programmes for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and for the BBC World Service in London. He was the master of ceremonies for the historic concert in Ghana Soul to Soul, which took place in Black Star Squarein 1971 and showcased many prominent African-American artists alongside Ghanaian musicians.

Eghan's autobiography, The "Emperor's" Story – From the Centre of the World, was published in 2019. In the words of Anis Haffar: "The man's kaleidoscopic knowledge of show business, broadcasting, entertainment and politics is cast in the trenches of personal encounters. He shares history from the strategic standpoint of his own roles in the making of it."


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Basic Information

Date of Birth: March 14, 1936
Time of Birth:
Place of Birth: Sekondi-Takoradi
Time Zone:
Sun Sign:
Moon Sign:

Mike Eghan

Mike Eghan
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