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Maria Treben

Maria Treben




Maria Treben was an Austrian herbalist and author, known for her work in herbal medicine and her book "Health Through God's Pharmacy." Born on September 27, 1907, in Saaz, Austria-Hungary (now Žatec, Czech Republic), Treben developed an interest in herbal remedies from a young age, influenced by her mother's knowledge of traditional herbal practices.

Treben's life was marked by significant historical events and personal challenges. She lived through both World Wars, which had profound impacts on her life and career. After World War II, Treben and her family were among the Sudeten Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia. They settled in Austria, where Treben began to intensively study and practice herbal medicine.

Her work gained wider recognition in the 1970s when she started giving lectures on the benefits of herbs and natural remedies. Treben's philosophy was deeply rooted in a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the connection between nature and healing. She believed that many ailments could be treated with herbs, promoting the idea that natural remedies were effective and accessible alternatives to modern medicine.

In 1980, Treben published "Health Through God's Pharmacy" ("Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes"), which became a bestseller and was translated into multiple languages. The book is a comprehensive guide to the medicinal uses of various herbs, based on Treben's extensive experience and traditional knowledge. It covers a wide range of ailments and provides detailed descriptions of herbs, their properties, and methods of preparation.

Treben's work was characterized by a blend of practical advice and spiritual belief. She often attributed the healing properties of herbs to divine providence, reflecting her deep faith. Her book and teachings emphasized the importance of respecting and understanding nature, as well as the spiritual dimensions of health and healing.

Despite her popularity, Treben's methods and claims were sometimes controversial. Critics argued that her reliance on traditional remedies lacked scientific validation, and there were concerns about the potential risks of self-treatment with herbs. Nonetheless, her work had a significant impact on the revival of interest in herbal medicine and natural health practices.

Maria Treben passed away on July 26, 1991, but her legacy continues through her writings and the many people who have been influenced by her approach to herbal medicine. Her work remains a reference point for those interested in natural health and traditional remedies.


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Place of Birth: Žatec, Czechia



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Date of Birth: September 27, 1907

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