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H E K Tornyie

H E K Tornyie




The late Mr. Henry Evans Tornyie, popularly known and called Mr. Tornyie or Henry in many circles, was born on a Thursday, August 26 1937, to Dumega Joseph Kwadzo Tornyie of Mafi-Tsirinyikope and Mrs   Mercy Abla Tornyie, nee Mekporple Tornyie of Vume, all of blessed memory. He was his mother’s first born among 10 children and the father’s second born among 13 children.

Henry attended Akuse Infant Junior and Senior School from 1943-1953.Mr.Tornyie right from birth was technically inclined. No doubt, he attended Koforidua Normal Technical between1954-1957. While he in his third year in this school, he sat for city and Guilds London Motors Vehicles Mechanical Exams and made it with resounding flying colors.

This historic success, piloted him on to try the second London City and Guilds Motors Vehicles Technician Exams, with yet another overwhelming success at his tender age of 21 years, in 1958. With these academic laurels achieved, he was immediately employed at the once famous Market Cofie Engineering, between 1959-1960 and at Kaneshie technical institute. Between 1960-6 as senior tutor.

In 1961, the first president and founder of Ghana , Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, wanted young and naturally talented scholars to study in Russia, Moscow, as Air craft Engineers. Young Tornyie’s academic laurels could not escape the eagle eye of Osagyefo’s selection board, among the very few others. After completion of his lucrative training, young Henry, unlike others who chase after greener pasture, resisted the temptation to be employed in Russia.

On the contrary as a true nationalist and patriot he returned to Ghana to join Nkrumah national reconstruction plan. Mr Tornyie was first employed at Ghana airways on his return to Ghana in 1964 as aircraft engineer – air frames and aero engines. He resigned in 1967 and joined the KLM,a royal Dutch Airline, a month later. As henry se the sky as his academic limit, he furthered more courses in France and finally ended up with human relations (M.D.P.I) between 1968 – 1969.

Is there, therefore any doubt as to why Mr. Tornyie could relate to all types, shades and groups of people with little or no hitch? Or why he was a brilliant success in serving private and public interest with resounding success without pride, pump or death on that fateful march 14, 2008, while Henry was at his lunch table in a splitting second without a minute sickness or word.

The north Tongu rural bank has forever lost a sincere, dedicated and sacrificial servant for over 26 years as chairman of the board; the Mafi state is hard put to it to find a genuine substitute, the very pillar of E.P church had been wickedly pulled down by insatiable ever missing death and not least of all, the Rosicrucian group’s ever-flowing tears to stopped .Mr. Tornyie met his wife former miss Beatrice Awdey from Akrofo in Ho District of V.R and married her in 1968. They have one daughter, Miss pearl Olivia Tornyie, now Mrs.

Pearl Olivia henry painfully dropped dead on that dark noon of March 14th2008, he left with sweet memories of his numerous co-workers, relations, church members friends in Ghana Airways, KLM,R.T Briscoe, Ghana limited; A.T.S. Kowuo Motots, Adidome bricks and tiles factory, Sabat, mercury printing press, the E.P.C church, the north tongu rural bank.

In his private life, HEK became a very active member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in West Africa, and contributed to lectures at Easter school conferences and public lectures in Ghana as well as in Togo. He organized international conferences with Fellowship members from different parts of the world and facilitated visits of members from Europe, the USA, and South America to Ghana for public lectures. Indeed he was a kind hearted man and a philanthropist who cared for many needy people

He was also a very active participant in the running of the EP Church of Ghana. Furthermore, as said earlier, he served as the board chairman of the Rural Bank in North Tongu in the Volta Region. Throughout his life, HEK remained loyal to his  traditional roots and stayed committed to them until his passing.

Time of Birth: 12:00pm

Place of Birth: Akuse, Ghana

Long: 0W0

Lat: 6N0

Time Zone: GMT 0

Ascendant: 4 Sagittarius

Sun-Sign: 20 Virgo

Moon-Sign: 0 Taurus

Date of Birth: 26th August 1937

As you can see clearly with the planetary configurations in his chart, this is a soul born with bounty resources, and he was a kind and big hearted person,

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