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Edger Allan Poe

Edger Allan Poe



Born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts, Edgar Allan Poe was the second child of actors David and Elizabeth Poe. Following his mother's death and his father's abandonment, Poe found refuge with John and Frances Allan of Richmond, Virginia, although not formally adopted. Despite financial struggles and strained relations with John Allan, Poe embarked on his educational journey, briefly attending the University of Virginia before enlisting in the United States Army under an assumed name in 1827.

After publishing his first collection of poems, "Tamerlane and Other Poems," Poe sought reconciliation with John Allan but ultimately failed. He then attended West Point but was expelled due to his strained relationship with Allan. Returning to Baltimore, Poe faced personal tragedies, including the death of his brother and the decline of his sweetheart's health. Despite these challenges, Poe intensified his efforts to establish himself as a writer, focusing on prose and garnering recognition for his short stories.

In 1836, Poe married his cousin Virginia, but her death in 1847 deeply affected him. Despite achieving success with works like "The Raven," Poe's life was marked by financial struggles and personal instability. He died under mysterious circumstances in Baltimore in 1849, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence literature worldwide.

Poe's works spanned various genres, including horror, detective fiction, and science fiction, and he is credited with inventing the detective fiction genre. His literary theories emphasized subtlety in meaning and meticulous calculation of sentiment and idea. While he faced criticism during his lifetime, Poe's influence on literature, cosmology, cryptography, and popular culture is undeniable, solidifying his place as a central figure in American literature.


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Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts




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Date of Birth: January 19, 1809

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