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E. H. Bailey

E. H. Bailey




E.H. Bailey, born on November 29, 1876, and passing away on June 4, 1959, was a distinguished British figure renowned for his multifaceted career in astrology, medicine, publishing, and academia throughout the early to mid-20th century. Initially trained as a physician, Bailey's interest in holistic medicine naturally extended into the realm of astrology, where he became a notable authority and prolific writer within the astrological community.

His influence transcended his medical practice as he assumed the role of editor at the British Journal of Astrology in 1939, a pivotal position that allowed him to shape the discourse and advancement of astrological knowledge. Under his guidance, the journal evolved into a platform renowned for both scholarly inquiry and practical insights into astrology. Bailey's most notable scholarly contribution remains his seminal work, "Prenatal Epoch," published during his career. This influential book introduced groundbreaking ideas in astrology, particularly focusing on innovative methods for calculating birth times and their profound implications on individual life paths. "Prenatal Epoch" quickly became essential reading for astrologers seeking to deepen their understanding of astrological charts and their metaphysical significance. Beyond his written contributions, Bailey's editorial acumen and scholarly pursuits played a crucial role in elevating astrology from mere superstition to a respected academic discipline. His dedication to blending empirical research with spiritual exploration ensured that astrological knowledge gained broader acceptance and critical evaluation among peers and scholars. Unfornately He died as a result of cancer of the testes but Bailey's legacy endures as a beacon in the fields of astrology and medicine, symbolizing his commitment to bridging scientific inquiry with metaphysical inquiry. His pioneering work continues to shape contemporary astrological practices and serves as a cornerstone for those interested in tracing the historical evolution of astrology.


British Journal of Astrology

The Prenatal Epoch - Archive

Time of Birth:

Place of Birth: Kent, England

Long:0 deg

Lat: 52 deg N

Time Zone: GMT 0


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Date of Birth: November 29, 1876

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