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Dr. P Baffour

Dr. P Baffour




Robert Patrick Baffour, known for his ingenuity as an engineer, his foray into politics, and his pivotal role in shaping education in Ghana, led a life steeped in both academic rigor and public service. Born on May 14, 1912, in Elmina, he hailed from a lineage intertwined with Ghana's rich history, boasting ancestors who played significant roles in military campaigns and scholarly pursuits.

Baffour's educational journey was a testament to his thirst for knowledge and his commitment to excellence. After attending various schools in Ghana and Nigeria, he distinguished himself at Mfantsipim School, earning top honors in the Cambridge Senior School Certificate. Opting against a conventional path, he pursued engineering studies at Achimota College, becoming the first Ghanaian to earn a University of London degree in mechanical engineering on Ghanaian soil.

His career spanned engineering, academia, and public service, reflecting his diverse talents and interests. From innovative contributions to the Gold Coast Railways to pivotal administrative roles in the civil service, Baffour left an indelible mark on Ghana's infrastructure and development projects. His leadership extended to academia, where he served as the inaugural Vice Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), playing a vital role in its transformation.

However, Baffour's political journey faced challenges, marked by disagreements that led to his expulsion from the ruling party. Undeterred, he ventured into independent politics, running for president in 1979. Beyond politics and academia, Baffour was a patron of the arts, culture, and sports, sponsoring Ghana's participation in the 1952 Summer Olympics and contributing to local filmmaking.

His accolades, including the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and the Order of the Volta, underscored his contributions to Ghana's development and academic excellence. Beyond his professional achievements, Baffour's legacy extended to his family, with his son, Fritz Baffour, following in his footsteps as a journalist and politician.

Baffour's journey came to an end on June 6, 1993, leaving behind a legacy of innovation, leadership, and service to his beloved nation. His remarkable life serves as an inspiration for future generations, highlighting the impact of determination, intellect, and a steadfast commitment to one's principles.

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Place of Birth: Elmina



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Date of Birth: May 14, 1912

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