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Daniel Alolga Akata Pore

Daniel Alolga Akata Pore




Daniel Alolga Akata Pore is a significant figure in Ghanaian political history, recognized for his involvement both in the military and in politics. As a former soldier and politician, he played a notable role during a turbulent period in Ghana's history.

Born in Ghana, Akata Pore was a member of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), which assumed power after the military coup d'état on December 31, 1981. This period marked a significant transition in Ghana's political landscape, characterized by military rule.

However, Akata Pore's political journey took a tumultuous turn when he was arrested on November 23, 1982. Alongside others, including Tata Ofosu and Kwame Pianim, he was detained following an alleged coup attempt that involved the capture of part of Gondar Barracks, Burma Camp. Despite being apprehended, his time in custody was short-lived.

On June 19, 1983, Akata Pore made headlines once again when he and several others managed to escape from custody during another coup attempt. This daring escape showcased his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Following his escape, Akata Pore chose the path of exile, seeking refuge in London, United Kingdom. His decision to flee Ghana marked a significant chapter in his life, as he sought safety and sanctuary in a foreign land.

While the specifics of his activities in exile may not be widely documented, his departure from Ghana underscores the challenging political climate of the time. Akata Pore's story serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics that shaped Ghana's political landscape during the era of military rule.

In conclusion, Daniel Alolga Akata Pore's journey from soldier to politician, his arrest and subsequent escape, and his exile highlight the tumultuous nature of Ghanaian politics during the period of military rule. His actions and decisions during this time reflect the challenges and complexities of navigating political upheaval in pursuit of personal and ideological convictions.


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