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Capt Thomas Sankara

Capt Thomas Sankara



Thomas Sankara, born on December 21, 1949, in Yako, French Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso), was a Burkinabe military officer, revolutionary leader, and the President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987. He is widely recognized for his progressive and transformative policies, which aimed to empower the Burkinabe people and promote self-reliance.

Sankara joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks. In 1983, he led a popular revolution that overthrew the existing government and established the National Council for the Revolution (CNR). As the President of Burkina Faso, he implemented a series of radical reforms, often referred to as the "Sankara Revolution."

During his presidency, Sankara focused on addressing the systemic issues of poverty, corruption, and neocolonialism that plagued Burkina Faso. He launched ambitious programs to improve education, healthcare, and agriculture, with a strong emphasis on grassroots participation and women's rights. Sankara believed in the importance of self-sufficiency and promoted local production and consumption.

Under Sankara's leadership, Burkina Faso experienced significant social and economic transformations. He emphasized the need for a collective mindset and initiated campaigns to promote civic engagement, such as the "Voluntary Labor Day," where citizens worked together to build infrastructure and develop the country.

Sankara was an advocate for Pan-Africanism and played an active role in promoting African unity and self-determination. He spoke out against foreign interference and debt dependency, and he changed the country's name from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, which means "Land of the Upright People."

However, Sankara's revolutionary policies and outspoken criticism of Western powers drew opposition from various factions, including elements within his own government. In 1987, he was tragically assassinated in a coup d'état led by his close associate and former comrade, Blaise Compaoré.

Despite his short time in power, Thomas Sankara's impact on Burkina Faso and the African continent continues to resonate. He remains an iconic figure, admired for his commitment to social justice, anti-imperialism, and his unwavering belief in the power of the people. Sankara's ideas and principles continue to inspire generations of activists and leaders across Africa and beyond.

TIME OF BIRTH: 11:50pm

PLACE OF BIRTH: Yako, Burkina Faso

LONG: 2 W0

LAT: 13 N 0



SUN SIGN: 29 Sagittarius

MOON SIGN: 28 Capricorn

DATE OF BIRTH: 21st December 1949

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