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Ayensu S. Edward

Ayensu S. Edward




Edward Solomon Ayensu, born on August 28, 1935, was a prominent African life scientist and Professor known for his contributions to international development, particularly in science, technology, and economic development. He hailed from Sekondi in the Western Region of Ghana. Ayensu earned his doctorate from the University of London, specializing in the taxonomy of dioscorea, and later served as a visiting fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford University.

In 1978, Ayensu became the director of the Office of Biological Conservation at the Smithsonian Institution, where he spearheaded conservation efforts and authored significant works like "Endangered and Threatened Plants of the United States." Throughout his career, he held various leadership roles in African sciences, including chairmanships of organizations like the Presidential Advisory Council on Science, Technology and Innovation (PACSTI) in Ghana and the World Bank Inspection Panel.

His contributions were widely recognized, and he received numerous honors and accolades, including being named a Fellow of prestigious institutions like the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, the India National Sciences Academy, and the African Academy of Sciences. Ayensu's extensive travels and consultancy work furthered scientific research and development initiatives worldwide, particularly in agro-industries, energy, and mining sectors in developing countries.

Ayensu's legacy extends beyond his leadership and advisory roles; he authored several books and published numerous scientific papers, including the notable "Ashanti Gold" in 1997. His dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting sustainable development made him a respected figure in both academic and policy circles. Ayensu's work continues to inspire future generations of scientists and development practitioners.


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Date of Birth: August 28, 1935

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