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Amr Diab

Amr Diab




Amr Diab, born on October 11, 1961, in Port Said, Egypt, is an Egyptian singer, composer, and actor. He is widely recognized as a global recording artist and author, and he holds several prestigious titles in the music industry. Diab is considered the best-selling Middle Eastern artist and has won the World Music Award seven times and the Platinum Records Award five times. He is also a Guinness World Record holder.

Diab grew up in a middle-class Muslim family from the Egyptian countryside. He completed his bachelor's degree in music from the Cairo Academy of Arts in 1986. It was during his early years that he released his debut album titled "Ya Tareeq" in 1983. He continued to release several successful albums, including "Ghanny Men Albak" (1984), "Hala Hala" (1986), and "Mayyal" (1988).

In 1992, Diab became the first Egyptian and Middle Eastern artist to create high-tech music videos, which significantly contributed to his popularity and success. He gained international recognition with his album "Nour El Ain" (1996), released under the label Alam El Phan. The album won him the World Music Award and expanded his fan base beyond the Arabic-speaking world. Diab went on to release more albums with Alam El Phan, including "Amarain" (1999), collaborating with renowned artists like Khaled and Angela Dimitriou.

Diab's music style is often referred to as "Mediterranean music," blending Western and Egyptian rhythms. He is known for his skill as a composer and has written over 97 of his own songs. His album "Shoft El Ayam" (2014) reached the number one spot on the Billboard World Albums Charts, making him the first Egyptian and Middle Eastern performer to achieve such a feat.

Aside from his music career, Diab has also ventured into the film industry. He appeared in several films, including "El Afareet" (1989), "Ice Cream in Gleam" (1992), and "Deahk We La'ab" (1993), although he did not achieve the same level of success in films as he did in music.

During the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, Diab faced criticism for his initial silence and relocation to London. However, he later composed and released a memorial song titled "Masr A'let" (Egypt Said) in honor of the uprising's martyrs. He also initiated the charity campaign "Masry Begad" (Truly Egyptian) and actively participated in humanitarian projects.

On a personal note, Diab was previously married to Egyptian actress Shereen Reda and Saudi businesswoman Zeina Ashour, with whom he has three children. In 2018, he married Egyptian actress Dina El Sherbiny, but the couple separated in late 2020.

Throughout his career, Amr Diab has received numerous accolades, including seven World Music Awards, six African Music Awards, two All Africa Music Awards, and a Guinness World Record for "Most World Music Awards for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist."

Amr Diab's contributions to the music industry, his unique style, and his global success have solidified his status as an iconic figure and the "father of Mediterranean music."


Time of Birth:

Place of Birth: Port Said, Egypt







Date of Birth: 11th October 1961

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