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Alice Ann Bailey

Alice Ann Bailey




Alice Bailey, born Alice La Trobe-Bateman on June 16, 1880, in Manchester, England, was a notable figure in the early 20th-century spiritual and esoteric movements. Raised in a strict Christian household, she had a spiritual experience at the age of 15 that deeply influenced her religious views. This encounter, she claimed, involved a meeting with a stranger who foretold her future spiritual work  .

In 1907, Bailey emigrated to the United States, where she married Walter Evans, an Episcopal priest. The marriage was troubled, leading to a divorce in 1915. The same year, she began working with the Theosophical Society, an organization dedicated to exploring spiritual and philosophical ideas. This period marked a significant shift in her spiritual journey as she delved deeper into esoteric teachings .

Bailey's second marriage in 1921 to Foster Bailey, a fellow Theosophist, was a pivotal point in her life. Together, they founded the Arcane School in 1923, an organization that offered correspondence courses in esoteric philosophy. This school became a central vehicle for disseminating her teachings and ideas. Foster Bailey's support and collaboration were crucial in the development and expansion of her work .

Alice Bailey's writings, produced over a period of 30 years, are extensive and influential in the field of New Age and esoteric spirituality. Her work is distinguished by the claim that much of it was telepathically dictated to her by a spiritual master known as Djwal Khul, or "The Tibetan." This body of work, often referred to as the "Bailey Books," covers a wide range of topics, including meditation, spiritual psychology, healing, and the evolution of human consciousness  .

One of her most significant contributions is the concept of the "Seven Rays," a metaphysical system that categorizes human characteristics and spiritual paths into seven distinct energies or rays. This framework has been influential in various spiritual and psychological disciplines. Bailey also emphasized the importance of service to humanity, the establishment of a new world religion, and the creation of a more unified global society .

Throughout her life, Bailey's teachings sparked both admiration and controversy. Critics often questioned the authenticity of her communications with "The Tibetan" and accused her of diverging from traditional Theosophical teachings. Despite this, her work attracted a substantial following and has had a lasting impact on the New Age movement  .

Alice Bailey passed away on December 15, 1949, in New York City. Her legacy continues through the Lucis Trust, an organization she founded with her husband to support her work. The Trust remains active in promoting her teachings and operates the Arcane School, as well as publishing her extensive body of writings. Her influence persists in contemporary spiritual practices and the ongoing development of esoteric traditions  .


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Date of Birth: June 16, 1880

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