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    QUADRUPLICITY OF THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC CARDINAL –FIXED – COMMON Astrology indeed is very fascinating when you consider the characteristics of the Sun-sign in our life or the Rising-sign and most importantly your Moon-sign. Consider the nature of the Ascendant (Rising-Sign). The ascendant in actual fact tells of the person before you, it portrays you the person and how you carry yourself in your daily and informal life and that is the way the public see and describes you. The image the public see in you is your person-a-lity, which is described as a mask on which the real being(spirit) expresses himself and therefore the public judge of the person from the way he expresses and carry himself in his environment and his interaction with people. Yea so its all about the Personality, Personality traits can be grouped under three categories. Extroverts,  Introverts,  Ambiverts Mythology explains that these were the three classes of people who were represented for the ancient games on mount Olympus, these games were organized in honour of the Zeus the Greek god, a game that last for 5 days at every four years, modern day Olympics is a replica of the ancient games. The first group are those who took part in the contest, then those who came to buy and sell and then those who were the spectators. These are symbolically the three categories of humanity These three categories of human types are astrologically described under Cardinal signs, Fixed signs and Common signs. In-fact we derive these from the divisions of the twelve signs of the Zodiac into three groups of four signs each. Every human being’s horoscope contains: CARDINAL            FIXED           COMMON Aries–Fire     Taurus-Earth     Gemini – Air Cancer-Water    Leo – Fire         Sagittarius  - Fire Libra- Air         Scorpio-Water    Virgo  - Earth Capricorn-Earth Aquarius–Air   Pisces  - Water Signs found under these Cardinal, Fixed or Common exhibits particular personality traits and this is how the public identify your personality, so you can generally identify if a person either as cardinal, fixed or common sign. CARDINAL SIGNS PEOPLE BORN WITH ASCENDANT ,  SUN SIGNS & MOON SIGNS IN CARDINAL SIGNS The cardinal signs are those signs found on the equinoctial and solstice points, namely Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Describing you as cardinal signs in general we realize cardinal sign people to be active and are attuned to the physical world, you are also masters of the social world, and you are the ones who win executive or managerial positions. Your unique abilities, naturally earn you such positions because you have the organizing abilities. Cardinals are the leaders of the world and your subconscious mind gives you such instincts which makes you live up to such position, even on very low stations in life you are made leaders or supervisors of men. Yet when you take an action, you cannot carry such duties to conclusion. You can take an action but lack direction and at the same time you take action before you actually have time to think about it especially Aries which is cardinal fire. The most executive among you is the Capricorn which is the sign ruling the 10th house of social prestige, and coincidentally Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign who knows well the foundations of the world and the characteristics of organizing things for action. Libra is the Cardinal –Air sign and are actually the sober type who through participation wins promptings to the top. You know how to deal with people, weighing the pros and cons before taking action. You also have refined natures and gain admiration by that. Cancer, the Cardinal- Water sign, no doubt are very caring as leaders, and will listen to your subordinate and try to console them all the time but Cancerians are also strict to carry their orders through. You have a sense of insecurity for your domestic life and therefore are self-defensive in that area, the Aries(Arian) you are a Martian whose orders must be obeyed at once and you get easily irritated or highly temperamental. Of course you are bold and brave in your personal and social life. Cardinals enjoy the most in the world for you do have your consciousness in the earthly circumstances and are easily able to tune into the physical world. Even as labourers, you tend to win leadership of that section where you find yourselves as foremen or overseers. FIXED SIGNS PEOPLE BORN WITH ASCENDANT, SUN SIGNS & MOON SIGNS IN FIXED SIGNS Your fixed signs are found succeeding the cardinal points of the Zodiac, that is the signs placed on the succeedent houses. They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you are born under fixed signs on the ascendant, you are naturally slow in your actions and behavior, but stability is your keynote. When an idea comes to you, as a fixed sign person you consider so many factors before finally taking action and when once you are convinced you go all out to implement that idea. It is hard for you to take spontaneous action or to be convinced. You are the type who never give up and are methodical, always making a long time plans or thinking of the future. You never take an action without planning accurately before. Fixed sign people are trustworthy and place emphasis on whatever you do. Your consciousness is attuned to the desire or the emotional world. You are the workers in the laboratory who spend time experimenting, analyzing, discovering and inventing, you are able to arrive at this due to your sense of endurance, perseverance, patience and ability to withstand fortitude. You are unyielding and possess broad and square face. You are the real workers of the world who create and produce items, thou you find it difficult to market your own goods, (you labour to keep the world going). Due to your sense of perseverance and experimenting you are able to formulate ideas through analogy. Your happiness or sorrow comes through your emotions. You fixed signs your motivations are attuned to a particular element which influences your fixed nature, giving variations in your fixed characteristics. For example: Taurus, fixed- earth is sober and has endurance but you find it difficult to accept abstract ideas until you have a physical prove, to see something tangible. You are normally short with thick neck and skin. You walk with your feet (heel) planted deep into the earth. Leo is fixed- fire and can act with spontaneity as compared to the others due to its fiery nature. Leo symbolizes lion and therefore is the King of the jungle ( Lion of Judah) whose chief ambition is power over people and communities, you also have much affection for the people around you. You subconsciously feel that you must lead wherever you are. The Leo has a characteristic eye which resembles closely that of the lion. Scorpio is fixed- water and has a sense of inquiry, you also have great investigative abilities into secret forces of nature due to your sense of insecurity. He is very emotional and revengeful too. Keeping secret is a defense to a Scorpio and have deep seated suspicion about those who come closer to them. Scorpio is the most emotional among the signs and does everything to the extremes and with emphasis. You are reserved for most of the time and sometimes become social recluse. Aquarius is fixed-air you are creative, inventive, and socially matured. You are always surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity wherever you find yourself. Significantly you are cool and collected in your personal and social approach to people. You share unconventional views of your own and your head rules your heart. One peculiar thing about you again is your desire for independence and it is perhaps one of your cherished trait and do not want to be confined with barriers or traditions, or to be limited in any way. You also have strong foresight and are always projecting to the future but very stubborn and fixed in your thinking. You people follow your own code of ethics. ​ COMMON - MUTABLE SIGNS PEOPLE BORN WITH ASCENDANT ,  SUN SIGNS & MOON SIGNS IN COMMON SIGNS The common signs are trailing behind the cardinal signs and are referred to as the cadent signs. they are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Describing you in general, you are a leaner of the world (your sign follows the cardinal sign) and averse to strenuous physical activity, you labor only when lashed to the whip of necessity, you are incapable of slow but sustained effort put forth by the fixed class and is easily discouraged by obstacles. Your keynote is flexibility. Common sign ascendant gives the mild but mentally alert personality who likes easy going conditions. You cannot face uphill battle and are opportunistic, yet you are prone to clinical works, sometimes as messengers or middlemen who mediate between the producer and the consumer and live on commissions. You are real time promoters. Well you are inclined to literary affairs and are very good in communications through writing or speaking. You also do well in transport affairs, and in certain circumstances you are the support group who help the fixed sign group. You may work in a Lab as helping to clean or arrange equipments. Gemini is a common-air who appear tall and a bit slim, are quiet and sober, never offend and are ready to follow or listen but Geminians are liked by all who come close to them. They are very good conversationalist and tolerate others views, they like to have fact or tangible reason to accept some ideas( doubting Thomas). Virgoans are common-earth and are very critical in your relations to people. You are also serviceable and inclined to nursing and also literary affairs. You are mild, kind and sympathetic but when offended you are very cynical and dubious. Virgoans are sometimes lazy even to do service to themselves. Sagittarius is common-fire, the most socially out-going among the signs, you are law abiding and jovial who will create smile and happiness wherever you finds yourself. You never stay home but go for fun in social gatherings, also enjoy outdoor games such as horse racing, basketball, tennis, football and others, but Sagittarius can be very tricky, for pretensions is your watchword. You look religious and priestly but your true colours is always beneath the surface. You need to study very well to know a Sagittarian. Pisces is common-water, you very are emotional, and quiet; you are subconsciously attuned to the past so you feel the spiritual side of you deeply. You are loathful and very imaginative. Your sign is associated with the element water so it makes you sensitive, compassionate and intuitive. Your feelings strongly influence decisions you make. Pisces, you seem gentle and unworldly, and are self-sacrificing.  Periodically you retreat to a hideaway where you can seek spiritual and physical refreshment. You also live by inspiration and you aura is transparent to some extent therefore your choice of friends are very important. As a Piscean you know very well how romantic you are.


    THE FIRST CRY OF A CHILD THE RHYTHM OF THE BODY Spiritual Astrologers have noted that conception is not necessarily coincident with the physical union of the parents, and every union has a definite purpose for which it has been consummated. The Lords of destiny watch and guide humanity in their growth processes, it goes on to state that sometimes two weeks or even more elapsing ere the auspicious moment awaited by the Recording Angels or their agents strikes. At that time cosmic conditions are such that they will form a body which will facilitate the expression of the Ego seeking re-embodiment and aid it to work out its self-generated destiny. Max Heindel further reiterated It should also be remembered by students that the moment of delivery is not the time of birth from the astrological point of view. The inhalation of the first complete breath usually accompanied by a cry is the moment when the incoming Ego receives its stellar baptism. This renders it ever susceptible to the influence of the particular configuration of the stars existing at that moment, and therefore the stars affect each individual differently from all others, not even the horoscope of twins are alike. FIRST CRY SEEING THROUGH ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY From anatomical point of view, during the time when the baby is in the mothers womb there is a passage through the left and right ventricles but the moment the child comes out, the hole seals and that is the moment the child cries as it has been said earlier. While in the womb he or she is under the mothers control and so his blood flows in and out of the mother's womb. Before a child is born, the blood is oxygenated via the placenta, but after birth the blood is oxygenated through the heart and the lungs. The baby is born into wet condition and this causes great discomfort to the newborn so he or she attempts to cry. To cry, the newborn child must breathe and this results in the first respiratory gasp. Air is sucked into the lungs with the help of the respiratory muscles. This process of air entering his or her lungs for the first time in life, start the circulation of the blood in the child’s own system. This allows the passage for oxygenated blood to go from right atrium to the left atrium. THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE The moment of the first cry of a child’s delivery is a very significant one, being considered as the natural stamp or the blueprint from which a child owns his or her identity. This is the identity by which nature knows and identifies one as an individual. In view of these factors, every labour midwife, nurse or a doctor must be aware and take particular concern during child birth. There must be a concerted public education to record and document every child’s birth date as well as the birth time. Philosophers say that one can change many things in his or her life but can never change his or her date of birth, nor the place of birth because that is one's natural identity. KEYNOTE OF THE SOUL In ancient Greece, Scholars, Priests and Scientists educated the public about the necessity of time and date of birth. In the Western world today, the time and date of a child's birth is recorded accurately and throughout his or her life it remains the blueprint of his or her identity. Once someone's Identity card is entered into the computer, his or her birth data and all the personal information open up. In this digital age and civilization, we need to adopt the best means of keeping record of every member of the community, the moment he or she is born into the (world) soil. Max Heindel ( The great western Mystic) has said every human being's body emits a particular rhythm, significantly different from any other person and this makes a person unique. This rhythm creates the tone and harmony that make every organ in the system function appropriately. If at any point in time, there is a discord in a person, then one begins to experience different types of sickness that we see. Every birth aligns with a particular star in the heavens which eventually set everybody's keynote. This keynote is what emit particular tone in the body. This tone creates the kind of image around you which others see as the “Persona”, The mask, the Personality and from this personality, one functions under a particular temperament. Max Heindel as well as other Astrologers have emphasized, when the map of the heavens at the moment of birth is ascertained, and with proper analysis of the geometrical patterns of the heavens, a person well versed in the science and art of Astrology can tell what life is in-store for the new soul. In Ancient Greece and in Egypt as well as in the West, Great Astrologers were employed by the royal families to give counsel for the future about what is in store for them and for the nation in general. These experts guided the Kings in their planning and thinking. References: ·       Rosicrucian fellowship ·       Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max Heindel ·       Your child’s Horoscope by Max Heindel ·       Simplified Scientific Astrology by Max Heindel ·       Anatomy and Physiology by Elaeine Marieb & Katja Hoehn


    Dear friends, if you are interested in knowing much of yourself, your personality, your temperament and your basic life prospects go to the community services section, fill the forms and include your email. you will receive prompt response from dedicated Astrologers.


    SOLAR ECLIPSE IN ARIES THE FIERY ASSERTIVE, AMBITIOUS AND ACTION ORIENTED ZODIAC SIGN 8TH APRIL 2024 AT 3:12pm EST While a partial Eclipse will be visible across the whole of America, only a strip of the country from Texas to Maine will experience the Total Solar Eclipse It will also pass through part of Canada This Eclipse will be total in certain part of North America and partial Solar Eclipse in some other parts, in Canada it is know that it will appear in Kingston, Niagara falls, and Hamilton, but in Toronto it will be partial Eclipse. The Total Solar Eclipse is such an amazing sight but it is also a rare occurrence, and it is said that after this 2024 Eclipse, America will see another Eclipse like this in 20 years’ time. The Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, will have a powerful global impact and on all zodiac signs, but the specific influences will vary depending on each sign's unique characteristics. The fact that Lilith is found close to the South node is a fact of great value, there are symbols of illusions and something that can trigger major world events, something that will stun the world, both man-made and natural. The Total Solar Eclipse is actually the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon And this conjunction takes place in the warrior sign of Aries, Chiron the wounded Healer is closely linked to this Eclipse and Mercury the planet of reason is retrograde in Aries too. Lastly the planet of relationship, business strategies (Venus) is also seen in Aries being sextile to Pluto. All these planets positioned in Aries the fiery sign reflect a complex kind of energies merging together which will manifest on the global stage as an uncontrolled energy that create power complexes in the minds and emotions of people, becomes irritated at the slightest provocation and intolerant, this is where confrontations and tensions begin to mount. These tensions are already mounting and appear as time bomb. Besides these energies  building up in Aries, the Dark Moon, (Lilith) is in opposition to the solar eclipse and in conjunction to Moon’s north node which represent a rebellious energy in us, and this represent a time when people are not willing to compromise at all. The energies on the 8th of April will darken the light of life and the fact that Mercury is retrograde shows there is hidden information, and a time when it is not too good to make fresh decisions. Our primal urges and our unconscious desires may lead us astray in our decisions. However these energies will impact every Zodiacal sign differently. Individual lives will respond to cosmic vibrations according to their own inner natures and Here is a general overview the eclipse and the various cosmic energies in the skies and their impact LILITH, THE BLACK MOON OPPOSITION TO THE SOLAR ECLIPSE We must expect social dis-satisfaction and communities who are disgruntled. People will demand for their freedom and will not succumb to intimidation's, treat and bully. And this is a time of radicalism and rebelliousness, Lilith in a horoscope reflects our primal urges, sexual natures and unconscious desires, Lilith represent where we are not willing to compromise, and all the circumstances which are not to strong may fall prey to Aries triggers. VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE & SEXTILE PLUTO While Venus is part of the Aries’s fiery energy, it also offer a window of opportunity for peace, for serenity and for reconciliation, however the sextile of Pluto brings a subtle energy that will also stretch for opportunities and power, this is so because the Pluto effect is actually in frictional square aspect to Uranus. This is what can elude the Venus spirit of harmony. THE ECLIPSE CONJUNCT CHIRON (WOUNDED HEALER) This aspect is an extension of the full Moon that occurred on the 25th of March 2024, Chiron is the planet that brings out the pain, situation where we feel wounded, The close conjunction of this planet to the Eclipse shows there are several circumstances that can bring the world some terrible experiences, the kind of events that may be a long time consequences, a kind of revenge. This wound and pain may stay for about six month before the pain begins to subside. SOLAR ECLIPSE CONJUNCT RETROGRADE MERCURY The spectacle of the eclipse in fiery Aries significantly conjunct the planet of the mind and unfortunately it is retrograde. When Mercury is retrograde there is the tendency to make mistakes in your decision making, and make hasty decisions that may lead you to correct it later on. As the Solar Eclipse brings darkness so it reflects the darkening of your light, a time when things become blurred. Information’s are not too clear and appear to be hidden. For this and various other reason this period is not the best to make important decisions, it’s actually a time of retreat and sober reflections, a time to re charge your thought forces and use your time to build your power of meditation TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE CONJUNCT MOON’S NORTH NODE Is an obvious symbol of Karma, a time nature send a message to the world, that you have an obligations to fulfill, and that there must be a balance in nature, showing how the world has refused to follow the laws of nature and therefore something radical must be initiated to purge the system. This Eclipse has several aspects indicative of Karma and when it comes we must embrace it and learn the lessons that come with it. The fact that the north node is in conjunction in Aries shows what will come will be as a result of impatience, arrogant desire for power and lot about power struggle and struggle for property. For many reasons April 2024 seem to be the most important month of the year, a kind of turning point. A time when the world will have to pause and make fresh decisions, to make corrections and to build upon the past experiences. URANUS CONJUNCT JUPITER IN TAURUS ON APRIL 20TH 2024 On the 20th of April Jupiter will conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees in the Earthy fixed sign of Taurus, triggering a whole new cycle of spiritual awakening and breakthroughs, this period will bring the tendency for creativity with lots of surprises in the financial sector. This same aspect of the two planets will build relationships and relationship changes, this is all about romance, Taurus is being ruled by Venus and so it’s a beautiful time of romance and love in the air. Uranus is a planet of sudden  and electrifying changes and a desire for freedom when this planet of abundance, fortune and expansion join forces with Uranus fortunes abound and there is significant grow in fortunes. This configuration breeds abundance, sudden changes and hope, but events leading to this conjunction may defeat the prospects awaiting you. The conjunction is only a culmination of what has been formed for several weeks already, and the Solar Eclipse may have defined what will happen on the 20th. More over there is another planetary configuration forming and which may overshadow the blissful atmosphere the Uranus and Jupiter could bring. The symbolism of this conjunction is like explosions at a wedding party that injured people resulting in pain and disappointments. A party that turn into fighting. Yet the world can do something to guard against turbulence and violence MARS CONJUNCT SATURN (TWO MALEFIC PLANETS) Mars and Saturn are malefic planets and when they meet up in conjunction there is tendency to fire and explosions, their togetherness signify we have reached the war zone, and turbulent terrains. This conjunction can cause real harm to you, this can bring accident, wars, and even burns and this is the configuration that can overshadow the beauties of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions. The impulsiveness in the atmosphere is unpredictable and there are several subtle energies which may escalate any little provocations, what the world needs is to call for reconciliations, and throw reason out there showing the reason for peace and harmony, perhaps we have reached the end of a cycle and about to start a new cycle. Whatever it is the world must brace for shake up that may also be a turning point.


    The first Eclipse of the year is telling us to step into our fate. This significant Lunar Eclipse will occur on the 25th March 2024 and this will take place in the Zodiac sign of Libra. Libra, the scales is about relationships, the way we share and the way we live with one another. Wise men of old associate Lunar Eclipse with crises of change, a period when hidden and buried issues are brought to the surface. It is a period of intense energy when people become impatient and easily become irritated at the slightest provocation, and at this point weak relationships can easily crumble. Conflict between people, between partners can erupt. The Lunar Eclipse alignment with the North and South Lunar nodes impact our lives and move us towards our destiny’s path. It is time to make strategic planning. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th, 2024, will have a significant impact on all zodiac signs, but the specific influences will vary depending on each sign's unique characteristics. Here's a general overview of how the eclipse might affect each sign: 1.    Aries: This eclipse could bring a focus on your relationships, both personal and professional. It's a good time to evaluate your partnerships and make necessary adjustments. You must avoid unnecessary negative emotions that can result in break ups, have a dialogue with your loved one and get a clear understanding of each other. There is the tendency for you to succumb to your negative subconscious memories, but refrain from emotional and delusional attitudes. Rather tap into your fortunes and make the best out of the financial opportunities you have now. Moon’s conjunction with the South node in your seventh sector of relationship means you will come face to face with some aspects of your past unfinished work. 2.    Taurus: You may feel a strong urge to take care of your health and well-being during this time. It's a great opportunity to establish new habits that support your overall wellness. Perhaps starting aerobics or joining a gym club for daily exercises will be the best, and then you check your diet and introduce new recipes which will improve your vitamin intake. You have the opportunity to build sound financial resources during this Eclipse period. You will also have to watch your back and avoid any form of hallucinations which may be as a result of extreme anxiety. With Pluto high on the mid-heaven you generally have the cravings for power and recognition but you must not trample on other people’s freedom in order to achieve your aim. 3.    Gemini: This eclipse could bring about changes in your creative projects or romantic life. You may feel inspired to pursue new artistic endeavours or explore new romantic connections. But you must not approach this with excitement as to overlook the possibilities, think deep before you make any move, you must be careful of the people around you, friends and colleagues alike. While you decide to work with others you must also think about possible scandals and cunning tricks to dupe the project. 4.    Cancer: You may find yourself focusing on your home and family life during this time. It's a good time to make changes to your living space or strengthen your bonds with family members. Since the eclipse is at odds with your sign Cancer you must be patient and try to listen to people more as a way to understanding their views and their feelings. In your career and work place you must work to the best of your ability, proof to your authorities how far you can go. 5.    Leo: This eclipse could bring about changes in your communication style or daily routines. You may find yourself more introspective and reflective during this time. You are significantly blessed at this period, and you have to do the strategic planning to implement ideas and projects which will bring corresponding result. However you must have a positive mind and have faith in yourself and in God 6.    Virgo: You may feel a strong urge to focus on your finances and material possessions during this time. It's a good time to re-evaluate your budget and financial goals. And it is time to look for new investment strategies and have a strong determination to excel, though you value your freedom above all but you will need the corporation and collaboration of others to accomplish your dreams so don’t be rebellious or detached. Learn to contain other people’s faults. 7.    Libra: This eclipse falls in your sign, bringing about a focus on your identity and personal goals. It's a powerful time for self-discovery and asserting your individuality. You must work to improve yourself as well as public image, and this is the time to learn to be honest and consistent, caring and loving. The public will test your personality and therefore you must stay focused. 8.    Scorpio: You may find yourself focusing on your spiritual beliefs or inner journey during this time. It's a good time to engage in practices that nurture your soul. Apply yourself to self- development as well as spiritual development. You may find an organization that offers training of the mind or any other metaphysical subject that elevate your spiritual self. One of the means to come to terms with your inner man is to embark on self- forgetting service to others, the more you help others the more you feel inner joy and peace, This period offers you the opportunity to join like-minded people to help others 9.    Sagittarius: This eclipse could bring about changes in your social circles or long-term goals. You may feel inspired to connect with like-minded individuals or pursue new aspirations. Friends and loved ones will like to be around you and help create a vibrant social environment, but in doing this, don’t forget to attend to your home and domestic duties, perhaps there is a lot to be done at home than you think. 10. Capricorn: You may find yourself focusing on your career and public image during this time. It's a good time to set new professional goals and pursue opportunities for advancement. Its time also to boost your public image and assert your social standing. You are the type who normally will not focus on funfair but this week gives you an opportunity to step out and have some fun and go for adventure. 11. Aquarius: This eclipse could bring about changes in your educational pursuits or belief systems. You may feel inspired to expand your horizons and explore new ideas. Your circle of friends will look to you for some inspiration. Make the best out of this period by extending your hand to the vulnerable. Read more spiritual literature's. But there is another twist to your nature now, the sense of wielding power in leadership. Perhaps the best you can do is to learn the art of leadership with reference to your karmic past so that you do not repeat past mistakes. 12. Pisces: You may find yourself focusing on your intimate relationships or shared resources during this time. It's a good time to deepen your connections with others and address any issues that arise. This eclipse offers you the opportunity to plan a strategy for transformation, you have enough energy for a real process of spiritual growth and to create a path for that growth, avoid negative thinking and don’t let your subconscious mind to affect your progressive goals Overall, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th, 2024, is a powerful time for transformation and growth for all zodiac signs. Embrace the changes that come your way and use this energy to propel yourself forward on your path.


    It is axiomatic that all those who give any thought to the old tradition of making resolutions or “turning over a new leaf” have, to some extent, at least, realized the deficiencies in their natures. They have learnt some of the facts about themselves, which, for anyone, is a very wise thing to do. The better acquainted with ourselves we become – with our mental, emotional and physical tendencies and habits – the better able we are to make the most of our life experiences here on Earth. This is Socrates hermetic axiom and we are told that on the portals of the ancient temples were written these words in block letters: “MAN, KNOW THYSELF”. Analyzing ourselves and evaluating our faculties and general attitudes can be one of the most beneficial of exercises, for it requires, above all else, a degree of impartiality and selflessness which in itself is a precious possession. It is axiomatic that all those who give any thought to the old tradition of making resolutions or “turning over a new leaf” have, to some extent, at least, realized the deficiencies in their natures. They have learnt some of the facts about themselves, which, for anyone, is a very wise thing to do. The better acquainted with ourselves we become – with our mental, emotional and physical tendencies and habits – the better able we are to make the most of our life experiences here on Earth. This is Socrates hermetic axiom and we are told that on the portals of the ancient temples were written these words in block letters: “MAN, KNOW THYSELF”. Analyzing ourselves and evaluating our faculties and general attitudes can be one of the most beneficial of exercises, for it requires, above all else, a degree of impartiality and selflessness which in itself is a precious possession. Everyone interested in pursuing this exhilarating and fascinating exercise of becoming thoroughly acquainted with himself should realize, first and foremost, that he himself, and no one else, is responsible for the personality through which he functions on this physical or material plane. No longer will he continue the childish practice of blaming others for his difficulties. Man having a degree of free will, may enjoy the prerogative of choosing for himself what line of action he wishes to follow. He, and he alone, is responsible for his action and must reap as he sows. However, it is not easy for most people to accept the fact that they themselves are responsible for whatever mental and emotional attitudes they express, as well as for the associates and other environmental factors in their lives.  It is so much more convenient to blame undesirable traits and seeming handicaps on one’s parents, one’s colleagues, one’s neighour etc. Alibis are easily found if one looks for them. But history, as well as present day life, gives us shining examples of those who have overcome poverty, lack of parental care, and serious physical infirmities, because they took the view that they were responsible for making a success of their lives. If we are honest with ourselves, we will come to the conclusion that the responsibility for ourselves is our own. Indeed, among the many occult truths the immortal Shakespeare bequeathed the world, there is none more valuable and thought- provoking than that embodied in the assertion which Cassius makes in Julius Caesar “the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”. By accepting the responsibility for ourselves, and using our will power to make use of all our potentials, we may change our destiny and course of events, for every soul is born like an eagle for the sky and must not and should not strut amidst the refuse in the farmyard and walk in the slough of mediocrity. Closely allied to the ability to accept responsibility for ourselves is the virtue of self-reliance. Even if we have wholeheartedly agreed that our problems are our own, do we have the stamina to rely on ourselves at all times in solving them? Do we do our own thinking, or are we swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others, ready to fall prey to those who will impede our growth and progress by having us conform to certain patterns of thought and action? Are we so gullible as to believe everything we hear or read, or do we strive to establish our own tribunal of truth with it to make our decisions? So long as we drift with the tide of life and cannot decide for ourselves, so long as we allow others to shape our lives for us, so long as we refuse to have confidence in ourselves and to believe that we are the captain of our own ship, so long shall we continue to be the sport of circumstances. Another quality to be given thoughtful consideration in learning to know ourselves is courage. Do we have the courage to do what we know is right, or do we quail at the thought of possible unpleasant reaction from others? Do we have the courage to admit that we are wrong or does false and vain pride prevent us from doing so? There is one outstanding attribute worth mentioning when discussing courage and fearlessness, and that is “EQUIPOISE”.  No matter what people say to us or about us, their words have no intrinsic power to hurt; it is our own mental attitude towards their utterances that determine the effect of their words upon us for good or evil. No one who has developed equipoise has reason or right to fear or worry about anything except his own back –sliding. Misfortunes which we do encounter on our paths are traceable to our own misconduct. Experience is gained through problems so we must not or should not fear problems because they help us to fulfill the purpose of life in this physical existence. Ours is to be vigilant and face them courageously, stoically, and learn the lessons they impart to us. May we all strive to know ourselves better, constantly bearing in mind that self-analysis may disclose weaknesses one does not want to acknowledge. This form of exercise is essential to all those who demand of life more than mediocrity and poverty.  Remember, as you check yourself, point by point, that you are both the court and the jury, the prosecuting attorney and the attorney for the defense, and that you are the plaintiff and the defendant, also that you are on trial. Face the facts squarely. Ask yourselves definite questions and demand direct replies. When the examination is over, you will know more about yourselves. Victor Afagbegee


    We shall always remember the days of slavery, and the liberation struggles of Africa, the memories will never fade away. Black leaders have said “There is a part of history we know and a part of history that has not had the opportunity to be highlighted”. Indeed, Black history month is about rekindling the spirit of the black race, charging our thought forces and waking up to reality and taking control of our own affairs. It is also about refusing to accept the fact that we are inferior. These are terms created to scare the black child, to tell the black child that they cannot sit together with other children because those children are superior. Ironically, the black child is as intelligent as any other child; the difference is that black children have limited resources because society defines the amount of their resources, gold, diamond, oil, bauxite aluminum, etc, and society walks into the black land and claims the resources of the black land by using intimidation tactics. Africans are very much resourceful, but the western world rushes into our lands and fights for supremacy there just because of our resources. Any black leader who refused to accept the proposal of the west was eliminated or ousted from power by corrupting one or few Africans to turn against their own leaders, thus, 1960’s series of Coup d’état started, and this disintegrated the spirit of African unity. In order to do this, they introduced several foreign cultures into the land of Africa and pretended that they brought progressive lifestyle, but that was to suppress the spirit of the black child, but the Black spirit is resilient, you can’t break us. We will always rise up and shine. We remember, we still remember the attempt made to overthrow the first president of Ghana, and the destruction of Africa's dream to build a formidable continent. But tell them we never give up, we are resilient and we know someday we shall overcome. Ed Dwight, the first black American astronaut candidate was not allowed into NASA after JF Kennedy's death, James Meredith the first African-American student admitted to the racially segregated University of Mississippi after the intervention of the federal government. Katherine Johnson worked so hard for NASA yet her name had little acknowledgement, Rosa Parks was being asked to vacate her bus seat for a white. infact there are countless examples of how they try to intimidate the Black, how they discriminate against the black but we shall never give up, some daay we shall overcome We shall overcome someday There is Victory in Sight Forward ever Backward Never There is Hope for Victory


    Positive thinking may be defined among other definitions as a mental attitude in which you approach life's challenges with a positive outlook. As a matter of fact, so important and interesting is positive thinking that volumes or rather libraries have been written about it, covering a wide range of topics including stress management, health improvement, happy marriage, subconscious training and inner healing, etc. Time and space will not permit to delve deep into these various topics. Suffice it to say from the onset that positive thinking is one of the vital tools the aspirant on the path of spiritual development needs on his/ her spiritual journey. As pointed out in a previous discourse, THOUGHT is an instrument of tremendous potency, the most precious and powerful weapon given to man by his Creator since the dawn of time to fight the battle of life, to withstand the onslaughts of the storms of life; in short to become conqueror of life' s difficulties. However, this powerful tool is a double- edged sword which can wreak havoc if used recklessly and irrationallyly. It cannot be gainsaid that thought forms, good or bad, surround us everywhere. In fact the atmosphere is loaded with them. Every thought we generate is indeed a vibrating living thing which takes definite form and colour and persists for a longer or shorter period of time according to the amount of will power injected into it. In this connection, it is worth noting that if we throw a stone into the air, the act is not complete until the reaction has carried the stone back to earth. In that case the effect follows the case so speedily that it is not difficult to connect the two. But if we wind the spring of an alarm clock, the power is stored up in the spring until a certain mechanism releases it, then comes the effect, the ringing of the bell. Although we may be sleeping the sleep of forgetfulness, the reaction or unwinding of the spring takes place just the same. Similarly, thoughts or acts which we have forgotten will some time or another produce their results. Hence the need to be vigilant and mindful of the thoughts we emanate and establish in our aura. We can attune our thoughts to whatever rate of vibration we wish. We can attune them to the wave lengths of war or strife, or to peace and harmony; to separateness and hate, or to unity and love; to selfishness and want, or to selflessness and abundance. It is indeed a truism that according to our thoughts and acts, so shall our days be. If our days are filled with thoughts and acts of anger, envy, jealousy, revenge, malice, intrigue, gossip, backstabbing, resentment, intolerance, hate, tribalism, racism, vindictiveness, prejudice, bigotry, etc. , we ruin bright lives, crush our hopes and ambitions, destroy happiness, not only to others but also to ourselves. We should endeavour at all times to rid ourselves of harmful and destructive thoughts which are clogs that injure our health and hinder spiritual growth. How can this be done, one may ask?. It can be done thru a process called SUBLIMATION which consists in overcoming negative thoughts by working on them mentally and removing the energy therefrom and shunting same into equally satisfying, appropriate and positive thinking. Positive thinking presupposes that we should have a strong desire for better thoughts. It implies that we should think of all that expresses love, compassion and beauty in life; look for beauty whenever we may be; it can be found no matter where; we should look for beauty in everything, in every ugly situation. Above all, we should strive to create something beautiful every day; make someone' s life a little more pleasant by a kind word or act;  make our physical surrounding more attractive, not by hating that which is ugly, but by replacing it with something better. In this regard and to refresh our memory, it is deemed necessary to recall once again the story of Christ walking one day with His disciples when they came upon a dead dog on the road. In disgust the disciples vividly expressed their revulsion at the nauseating sight. But Christ, looking intensely at the decomposing carcass said: "Pearls are not whiter than his teeth." Let's remind ourselves that one of the most useful forms of constructive thought is that which looks for good in all things, in every ugly situation. Giving continuing thought and attention to that which is good increases the good and builds up a power in the thinker which cannot be vanquished. Thus we learn to "overcome evil with good" as taught in the Gospels. Thoughts are things that shape our lives and environment, and have lasting effects on our health, well-being and growth. And where such thoughts are confined along narrow, self- seeking lines, we cannot bring lasting fruitfulness and worth into our lives. Henri Thomas Hamblin expresses this beautifully in the following words: "It is a metaphysical truth that the outward life is a reflection of our thought life. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. It is equally true to say that as a man is, so does he think, as he thinks, so do his outer life and circumstances. Therefore, as a man is, so is his environment." In Loving Fellowship to All Victor Afagbegee


    It all began when the pioneers of the African race cried freedom and freedom they fought and won it in the 60s but the responsibilities that go with freedom eluded us all Dictatorship, egotism and tyranny polluted good intentions then rebellion and revolution began the mortal combat Pity, that Africans have not succeeded in managing their own affairs as Kwame Nkrumah proclaimed in 1957 that the African is capable of managing his own affairs Coup d’état of all kinds have desecrated our innocent land Now Africans, like the war between Trojans and the Greeks we have destroyed the land we have destroyed the unity and the trust among us Oh you immortals of Mount-Olympus sometimes you come to side with either the Greeks or the Trojans Jupiter, sovereign Lord of life and death granted defeat or victory to either side according to his wish for the fate and destiny of mankind were in his hands Sometimes the immortals help stop the war and other times they sit and watch mortals in deadly combat Ah, it is said history repeat itself symbolically in modern times it is the government in power and the forces of revolution and rebellion that engage in war Sometimes these powerful nations symbol Olympian gods instigate and fuel the war sometimes they watch, and other times they come down to stop the war Oh Africa, why do you succumb to the influences of these modern gods and make our land a burning bush I see in my minds eye, each head of state holding symbolical fire with the rebels then lighting a flame of aggression, rebellion and war Every part of Africa is under siege the flame, burning with fierce rage but those who feel obligated to quench the burning bush seem far away See, how they are carrying buckets of water, running with vigorous speed, yet they are not near enough to save us now The Mandela’s, Desmond Tutus, and the Kofi Annans are fighting relentlessly to reach the burning bush, to quench the fires raging in Somalia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, etc, etc. Oh, Oh, but these gods up there are fuelling these sentiments and wars instigating brother against brother supplying ammunition's in exchange for gold or diamond which are the resources of the poor countries. You gods behind the universal declaration of human rights the very authority behind the convention on the rights of children Hmm, Africans, let us esteem our own rights and dignity Let us stopping the brutal wars. Libya and Burkina Faso, oooh you are a surprise you have fuelled civil wars, rebellion and coup d’e’tat bringing misery and emotional turmoils to many innocent people So, you have signed pact with the devil to join the death squad rendering your country, a base for training rebels and commandos You, who have consolidated yourself for more than 10years know that you are members of the death squad trying to twist the laws of the land to further your reign but as faith decrees, no man can escape his destiny In the late 1970s some self-proclaimed saviours cunningly killed the most valiant and renowned army generals Killed them to maintain a sound security for themselves but after 20 years they are afraid to face their own shadows which has become a dog in the manger the dweller of the threshold you must know there is no escape of ripe fate After the Great War both Greeks and Trojans realized they have devastated their cities lost the most valiant kings and brave warriors some who survived, such as Odysseus wandered in foreign lands for many years why do we greedily kill and destroy ourselves, Africa? Remember, unity is strength. In memory of all the innocent and vulnerable people who lost their lives during civil wars and coup d'etat The poem was written in 2004


    PLUTO ENTERS AQUARIUS The world says good bye Pluto in Capricorn! Welcome Pluto in Aquarius! Pluto – Sun conjunction in Aquarius in our lifetime will result in acceleration of our evolutionary path Pluto is indeed leaving Capricorn, we have been with this energy for some time and the is having distrust of the governments and business institutions and corporations (which is represented by Capricorn, most people think these institutions are rotten, out-dated and serve the secret and powerful elite and not as they want us believe that they serve the public. These institutions and their motives are now been exposed and been challenged because nothing stays forever. This Pluto transit into Aquarius is a repetition because of planetary cycles. The last time Pluto entered Aquarius was in the 18thcentury, coincidentally the people at that time also became disillusioned with the ruling governments and institutions (Capricorn) and they became disgruntled to the extent that they brought down the corrupt system, whole monarchies, chopped off head of half the nobility (elites) French revolution started the first modern modern republics and democracies, and consequently kicked off tyrannical rulers from the land, we all remember the Americans fighting for independence. Today we are witnessing the same kind of social changes, this energy is upon us now, we are at the threshold of dynamic changes, we are going to see magnificent changes and much more of structural changes and scientific innovations and this will happen over the next 20 years. These social changes have perhaps started already in certain part of the world. Pluto entering Aquarius is a new dawn, and a period of global shake-up where people will wake up to new realizations and scientific innovations and advancement in technology. The transits of the outer planets are nothing but cosmic shake ups, global enfoldments of human collective destiny, We experience these occurrences for the purpose of furthering the progress of civilization. Remember when Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction and how we experienced COVID 19, the period when Uranus conjunct Saturn or Neptune, the triple conjunction in the 1990s. Most of the time these configurations form to give us a message that we must amend our ways. And change our consciousness, it tell us to fulfil or duties and obligations in other to move forward. They form to get us on our feet and to take us on the next spiral. Today Pluto has entered the airy sign of Aquarius, the sign associated with Prometheus, the one who stole the Olympian fire and gave it to humanity to free humanity. Aquarius is upon us again and this time Pluto the ruler of the underworld and the catalyst entered this sign, we must brace for the radical changes and innovations that will be unfolding. These social changes will happen for the benefits of evolutionary benefits. The key to the coming phase of our lives is honesty, activity and conscious living. The energy of Pluto in Aquarius will be like a swift storm, it might be aggressive but it will be fast. Like the way COVID 19 which changed our cultural life style, this time our mind and mental structures will be transformed in a blink of an eye. We are about to witness things which will overwhelm the world at large. On a personal level individuals who have visions and those determined to progress will make swift progress and achievments, they will take the bull by the horn. There is nothing wrong in trying and going on adventure, remember nothing venture nothing gained.


    PLUTO ENTERS AQUARIUS The world says good bye Pluto in Capricorn! Welcome Pluto in Aquarius!


    HOW NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND DESIRES GROW TO AFFECT YOUR LIFE THEY GROW IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND AURA It is true that each one is born with particular traits of character, and with specific temperament, yes but that is the innate nature of the person, most of the time we pick certain traits from our early environment, the atmosphere at home and the cultural life style affects your growth, and this tends to build concepts and believe systems in your thought. Sometimes the parents talks about particular tribes or ethnic groups or particular race and this sink deep into your subconscious memory and these affect the way you do things, the way you see others and the way you treat them. Most of the time we go on developing these traits in our subconscious mind without being aware that you are surrounding your thought with concepts that will become very formidable emotions These emotional concepts dictate how you actually live your life, there are instances where you become obsessed with getting certain positions, getting fortunes and money without having the foundation to achieve this and so resort to diabolical means. The most genuine life and the most law abiding people follow the natural rhythms of life, the universal laws of nature and give in to the flow of nature and they attain peace of mind, where as other people think negatively, envy and jealous others of what they have, sometimes even think they have the right to change the cause of someone’s life and fortunes so they will use evil means or consult a black magician to employ charms and talismans to obstruct other peoples ways. Some people think they are fighting a just cause and judge others wrongly why, because they normally don’t even know anything about a person’s destiny. Others feel others have offended them by this or that and will like to punish the person or seek revenge without even thinking about forgiveness or mercy. Why do people have such obsessive feelings and desires such that they won’t stop at anything to do evil, which quiet often leads to  their own destruction? There are many people who are born with tendencies which are very sensitive, tendency to: 1.      commit suicide 2.     Jealousy and envy 3.     Obsessive desire for money 4.     Destroy other peoples fortunes 5.     Envy and want what belongs to others 6.     Wantonly desire other peoples wife’s, husbands, children, or other peoples properties. 7.     To lie and pretend The fact is these tendencies which are always shown in our horoscope can be averted if we live a disciplined life and if our growing ages were guided by principles that enhances better human relationships, something that involve allowing other people their own space and accepting others the way they are. There are many who think you can always have your way even if you step on other people’s toes or bully others and grab what belongs to them. But in life there are consequences to every action, consequences which will manifest in our life either in the present life or the next. You must learn to accept others the way they are, because we have no idea why things are as they are. In your horoscope there may be planetary configurations which present some of these negative traits that may hinder your own inner peace and progress. You must always examine your emotions and ask yourself if your emotions and attitude is helping your progress. Usually your subconscious mind feeds your conscious mind with false impressions and you take it into concrete expressions. I hope and pray that this piece of material will guide you, motivate you, so that you begin to examine your relationship of all kinds with others.

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