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 Astrology indeed is very fascinating when you consider the characteristics of the Sun-sign in our life or the Rising-sign and most importantly your Moon-sign. Consider the nature of the Ascendant (Rising-Sign). The ascendant in actual fact tells of the person before you, it portrays you the person and how you carry yourself in your daily and informal life and that is the way the public see and describes you. The image the public see in you is your person-a-lity, which is described as a mask on which the real being(spirit) expresses himself and therefore the public judge of the person from the way he expresses and carry himself in his environment and his interaction with people.

Yea so its all about the Personality,

Personality traits can be grouped under

three categories.

Extroverts,  Introverts,  Ambiverts

Mythology explains that these were the three classes of people who were represented for the ancient games on mount Olympus, these games were organized in honour of the Zeus the Greek god, a game that last for 5 days at every four years, modern day Olympics is a replica of the ancient games.

The first group are those who took part in the contest,

then those who came to buy and sell and

then those who were the spectators.

These are symbolically the three categories of humanity

 These three categories of human types are astrologically described under

Cardinal signs,

Fixed signs and

 Common signs.

In-fact we derive these from the divisions of the twelve signs of the Zodiac into three groups of four signs each.

  Every human being’s horoscope contains:

CARDINAL            FIXED           COMMON

                Aries–Fire     Taurus-Earth     Gemini – Air

               Cancer-Water    Leo – Fire         Sagittarius  - Fire

                Libra- Air         Scorpio-Water    Virgo  - Earth

                Capricorn-Earth Aquarius–Air   Pisces  - Water

Signs found under these Cardinal, Fixed or Common exhibits particular personality traits and this is how the public identify your personality, so you can generally identify if a person either as cardinal, fixed or common sign.





The cardinal signs are those signs found on the equinoctial and solstice points, namely Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Describing you as cardinal signs in general we realize cardinal sign people to be active and are attuned to the physical world, you are also masters of the social world, and you are the ones who win executive or managerial positions. Your unique abilities, naturally earn you such positions because you have the organizing abilities. Cardinals are the leaders of the world and your subconscious mind gives you such instincts which makes you live up to such position, even on very low stations in life you are made leaders or supervisors of men. Yet when you take an action, you cannot carry such duties to conclusion. You can take an action but lack direction and at the same time you take action before you actually have time to think about it especially

Aries which is cardinal fire. The most executive among you is the Capricorn which is the sign ruling the 10th house of social prestige, and coincidentally

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign who knows well the foundations of the world and the characteristics of organizing things for action.

Libra is the Cardinal –Air sign and are actually the sober type who through participation wins promptings to the top. You know how to deal with people, weighing the pros and cons before taking action. You also have refined natures and gain admiration by that.

Cancer, the Cardinal- Water sign, no doubt are very caring as leaders, and will listen to your subordinate and try to console them all the time but Cancerians are also strict to carry their orders through. You have a sense of insecurity for your domestic life and therefore are self-defensive in that area, the Aries(Arian) you are a Martian whose orders must be obeyed at once and you get easily irritated or highly temperamental. Of course you are bold and brave in your personal and social life. Cardinals enjoy the most in the world for you do have your consciousness in the earthly circumstances and are easily able to tune into the physical world. Even as labourers, you tend to win leadership of that section where you find yourselves as foremen or overseers.





Your fixed signs are found succeeding the cardinal points of the Zodiac, that is the signs placed on the succeedent houses. They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you are born under fixed signs on the ascendant, you are naturally slow in your actions and behavior, but stability is your keynote. When an idea comes to you, as a fixed sign person you consider so many factors before finally taking action and when once you are convinced you go all out to implement that idea. It is hard for you to take spontaneous action or to be convinced. You are the type who never give up and are methodical, always making a long time plans or thinking of the future. You never take an action without planning accurately before. Fixed sign people are trustworthy and place emphasis on whatever you do. Your consciousness is attuned to the desire or the emotional world. You are the workers in the laboratory who spend time experimenting, analyzing, discovering and inventing, you are able to arrive at this due to your sense of endurance, perseverance, patience and ability to withstand fortitude. You are unyielding and possess broad and square face. You are the real workers of the world who create and produce items, thou you find it difficult to market your own goods, (you labour to keep the world going). Due to your sense of perseverance and experimenting you are able to formulate ideas through analogy. Your happiness or sorrow comes through your emotions.


You fixed signs your motivations are attuned to a particular element which influences your fixed nature, giving variations in your fixed characteristics. For example:

 Taurus, fixed- earth is sober and has endurance but you find it difficult to accept abstract ideas until you have a physical prove, to see something tangible. You are normally short with thick neck and skin. You walk with your feet (heel) planted deep into the earth.

 Leo is fixed- fire and can act with spontaneity as compared to the others due to its fiery nature. Leo symbolizes lion and therefore is the King of the jungle ( Lion of Judah) whose chief ambition is power over people and communities, you also have much affection for the people around you. You subconsciously feel that you must lead wherever you are. The Leo has a characteristic eye which resembles closely that of the lion.

Scorpio is fixed- water and has a sense of inquiry, you also have great investigative abilities into secret forces of nature due to your sense of insecurity. He is very emotional and revengeful too. Keeping secret is a defense to a Scorpio and have deep seated suspicion about those who come closer to them. Scorpio is the most emotional among the signs and does everything to the extremes and with emphasis. You are reserved for most of the time and sometimes become social recluse.

Aquarius is fixed-air you are creative, inventive, and socially matured. You are always surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity wherever you find yourself. Significantly you are cool and collected in your personal and social approach to people. You share unconventional views of your own and your head rules your heart. One peculiar thing about you again is your desire for independence and it is perhaps one of your cherished trait and do not want to be confined with barriers or traditions, or to be limited in any way. You also have strong foresight and are always projecting to the future but very stubborn and fixed in your thinking. You people follow your own code of ethics.





The common signs are trailing behind the cardinal signs and are referred to as the cadent signs. they are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Describing you in general, you are a leaner of the world (your sign follows the cardinal sign) and averse to strenuous physical activity, you labor only when lashed to the whip of necessity, you are incapable of slow but sustained effort put forth by the fixed class and is easily discouraged by obstacles. Your keynote is flexibility. Common sign ascendant gives the mild but mentally alert personality who likes easy going conditions. You cannot face uphill battle and are opportunistic, yet you are prone to clinical works, sometimes as messengers or middlemen who mediate between the producer and the consumer and live on commissions. You are real time promoters. Well you are inclined to literary affairs and are very good in communications through writing or speaking. You also do well in transport affairs, and in certain circumstances you are the support group who help the fixed sign group. You may work in a Lab as helping to clean or arrange equipments.

 Gemini is a common-air who appear tall and a bit slim, are quiet and sober, never offend and are ready to follow or listen but Geminians are liked by all who come close to them. They are very good conversationalist and tolerate others views, they like to have fact or tangible reason to accept some ideas( doubting Thomas).

Virgoans are common-earth and are very critical in your relations to people. You are also serviceable and inclined to nursing and also literary affairs. You are mild, kind and sympathetic but when offended you are very cynical and dubious. Virgoans are sometimes lazy even to do service to themselves. Sagittarius is common-fire, the most socially out-going among the signs, you are law abiding and jovial who will create smile and happiness wherever you finds yourself. You never stay home but go for fun in social gatherings, also enjoy outdoor games such as horse racing, basketball, tennis, football and others, but Sagittarius can be very tricky, for pretensions is your watchword. You look religious and priestly but your true colours is always beneath the surface. You need to study very well to know a Sagittarian.

 Pisces is common-water, you very are emotional, and quiet; you are subconsciously attuned to the past so you feel the spiritual side of you deeply. You are loathful and very imaginative. Your sign is associated with the element water so it makes you sensitive, compassionate and intuitive. Your feelings strongly influence decisions you make. Pisces, you seem gentle and unworldly, and are self-sacrificing.  Periodically you retreat to a hideaway where you can seek spiritual and physical refreshment. You also live by inspiration and you aura is transparent to some extent therefore your choice of friends are very important. As a Piscean you know very well how romantic you are.






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