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William Ofori-Atta

Time of Birth:

Date of Birth: October 10, 1910
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Time of Birth:
Place of Birth: Kyebi, Ghana.
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William Ofori Atta, affectionately known as "Paa Willie," was a prominent figure in Ghanaian history, recognized as a founding member of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) and one of the esteemed "Big Six" whose efforts contributed significantly to Ghana's independence struggle. Born into nobility in Kyebi, he inherited a legacy of leadership as the son of Nana Sir Ofori Atta I, the esteemed Omanhene of Akyem Abuakwa.

Educated at Mfantsipim School and Achimota School, William Ofori Atta's academic journey laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. He distinguished himself as a pioneer student, participating in the inaugural Cambridge School Certificate examinations and subsequently contributing to the development of educational programs that would evolve into the University of Ghana. His pursuit of higher education at Queens' College, University of Cambridge, further enriched his intellect and perspective.

Embracing a career in law, Ofori Atta ventured into the realm of politics, becoming an integral part of the UGCC and eventually assuming leadership roles within the United Party. Despite facing adversities, including detention under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's regime, he remained steadfast in his commitment to democratic principles and served his nation diligently as a Member of Parliament and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Ofori Atta's contributions extended beyond the political sphere; he actively advocated for economic policies aimed at fostering national development and dignity for all citizens. His dedication to the cause of freedom and justice was evident in his involvement with the People's Movement for Freedom and Justice, where he staunchly opposed attempts to prolong military rule in Ghana.

Transitioning to a life of spiritual devotion in his later years, Ofori Atta's influence continued to resonate within Christian circles. As a co-founder of the Accra Chapel Trust and a distinguished speaker at the J. B. Danquah Memorial Lectures, he addressed critical issues facing the nation, leaving a lasting impact on Ghanaian society.

Upon his passing in 1988, the William Ofori-Atta Memorial Lectures were established to commemorate his legacy, ensuring that his ideals and values would endure for generations to come. William Ofori Atta's life epitomizes resilience, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of his beloved Ghana.


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