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Foday Barry

Foday Barry




Foday Barry is a former head of investigations at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) who has been implicated in various allegations of torture and atrocities during the hearings of The Gambia's Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC). Despite the numerous accusations made against him by witnesses, Barry has vehemently denied any involvement in torture or other gruesome acts.

During his appearance at the TRRC, Barry refuted allegations of his participation in the arrest and torture of several detainees, including Batch Samba Jallow, Omar Joof Dampha, Omar Jatta, and PPP demonstrators. He stated that he had never seen Batch Samba Jallow until his testimony at the TRRC and dismissed his torture claims as false.

Barry confirmed his role as head of investigations at the NIA following the arrest of Gambian dissidents from Liberia, including Ballo Kanteh, who attacked the Farafenni barracks in 1996. However, he denied any involvement in Kanteh's torture and asserted that the alleged atrocities took place in Liberia, not The Gambia.

Furthermore, Barry denied torturing other individuals mentioned during the hearings, such as Ebrima Barrow, Lalo Jaiteh, and Omar Darboe. He also claimed ignorance regarding the existence of the notorious Bambadinka torture chamber at the NIA, despite Counsel Faal's insistence that its existence was widely known.

Barry concluded his testimony by expressing his relief at having the opportunity to set the record straight and clear his name, emphasizing that the allegations tarnished his reputation and even affected his personal life.


The Standar News Paper/Gambia

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