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David Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion



Israeli politician, one of the founders of the country and the first  Prime Minister in 1973.  He formed the General Federation of Jewish  Labor, and read the Declaration of Israel's Independence.

Died on 1 December 1973,11.06 am, Tel Aviv, Israel.



David Ben-Gurion, born David Grün on October 16, 1886, in Płońsk, Poland, was a prominent Zionist leader and the primary national founder of the State of Israel, serving as its first Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. His early life was marked by strong Zionist influences; his father, Avigdor Grün, was an ardent follower of the Hibbat Zion movement, which inspired young David. At the age of 14, Ben-Gurion joined the Poale Zion movement, a Marxist-Zionist organization, signaling the start of his lifelong dedication to the Zionist cause.

In 1906, Ben-Gurion immigrated to Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire, to fulfill his Zionist aspirations. He worked in agricultural settlements and was involved in the Jewish self-defense organization, Hashomer. His activities led to his expulsion from Palestine by the Ottoman authorities during World War I. Ben-Gurion then moved to the United States, where he continued his Zionist work and married Paula Munweis in 1917. They had three children: Geula, Amos, and Renana.

With the end of World War I and the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Ben-Gurion saw an opportunity to advance the Zionist cause. He returned to Palestine in 1918 as a soldier in the Jewish Legion, a unit within the British Army. Following the war, Ben-Gurion became a prominent leader in the Yishuv, the Jewish community in Palestine. He co-founded the Histadrut, the General Federation of Jewish Labor, in 1920 and served as its secretary-general. The Histadrut became a powerful force in the Jewish community, playing a crucial role in the economy and society of the Yishuv.

In 1930, Ben-Gurion was instrumental in the formation of Mapai, the Labor Party, which dominated the political landscape of the Yishuv and later the State of Israel. As the head of the Jewish Agency from 1935, he was effectively the leader of the Jewish community in Palestine. During the 1930s and 1940s, Ben-Gurion focused on building the institutions necessary for an independent state and strengthening the military capabilities of the Yishuv in anticipation of conflict.

The United Nations' 1947 resolution to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states led to the establishment of Israel. Ben-Gurion declared the independence of Israel on May 14, 1948, and became the nation's first Prime Minister and Defense Minister. His leadership was critical during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, which followed the declaration of independence. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the newly formed Israel Defense Forces, under Ben-Gurion's command, secured victory and expanded the territory controlled by the Jewish state.

Ben-Gurion's tenure as Prime Minister was marked by efforts to consolidate the new state. He oversaw the mass immigration of Jews from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, transforming Israel's demographic landscape. He emphasized the development of infrastructure, education, and the military. In 1953, Ben-Gurion resigned to settle in Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the Negev desert, reflecting his vision of developing the Negev region. However, he returned to politics in 1955, resuming the role of Prime Minister until 1963.

Ben-Gurion's later years were marked by political disagreements within Mapai, leading to his resignation and the formation of a new party, Rafi. He retired from politics in 1970 but remained a significant figure in Israeli society. David Ben-Gurion passed away on December 1, 1973, and was buried in Sde Boker. His legacy endures as a founding father of Israel, a visionary leader who shaped the nation’s early years, and a symbol of the pioneering spirit that built the modern state of Israel    .


Time of Birth: 12:24pm

Place of Birth: Plonsk, Poland

Long: 52 N38

Lat: 20 E 23

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Sun Sign:

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Date of Birth: 16th October 1886

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