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Chemogoh Kevin Dzang

Chemogoh Kevin Dzang



Chemogoh Kevin Dzang, a distinguished figure in Ghanaian military and diplomatic circles, was born on July 27, 1941, in Nandom, located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. His journey from humble beginnings to influential roles in the armed forces and diplomatic arena is a testament to his resilience, intellect, and dedication to his country.

Growing up in Nandom, Dzang received his early education at the Nandom Local Authority Primary School and later attended the Lawra Middle School. His academic prowess earned him admission to the prestigious Government Secondary School in Tamale, where he excelled in his studies. Despite being offered the opportunity to pursue further education in science, Dzang chose to answer the call to serve his nation by joining the Ghana Armed Forces (Navy).

His military journey commenced as an Officer Cadet at the Ghana Military Academy, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. Selected for advanced training at the Britannia Royal Naval College in the United Kingdom, Dzang underwent rigorous naval training alongside cadets from across the Commonwealth, solidifying his foundation as a naval officer.

Upon his return to Ghana, Dzang embarked on a series of appointments and command roles within the Ghana Navy, displaying competence and dedication at every turn. From serving as first lieutenant and second-in-command on the GNS Afadzato to assuming command of the vessel, Dzang navigated through challenging waters, including the turbulent period following the 1966 coup d'état, where Ghanaian naval officers played a crucial role in safeguarding the nation's sovereignty.

His ascent to the position of Chief of Naval Staff in 1972 marked a significant milestone in his career, making him the first Dartmouth-trained executive naval officer to hold such a prestigious position. As Chief of Naval Staff, Dzang spearheaded efforts to modernize and revitalize the Ghana Navy, overseeing crucial refurbishments of naval vessels and the acquisition of new ships to strengthen Ghana's maritime capabilities.

Beyond his military service, Dzang ventured into diplomatic affairs, serving as Ghana's Ambassador to Japan and representing the country with distinction across multiple nations in the Asia-Pacific region. His diplomatic acumen and strategic vision contributed to strengthening Ghana's bilateral ties and promoting its interests on the global stage.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dzang remained committed to his family, with his wife Emelia and their three children providing unwavering support and companionship. His legacy extends beyond his professional achievements, encompassing his dedication to traditional royal matters in the Nandom area and his enduring impact on Ghana's military and diplomatic landscape.

Following a life of service marked by integrity, leadership, and dedication, Chemogoh Kevin Dzang passed away in December 2009, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire generations of Ghanaians. His final resting place in Nandom serves as a testament to his deep connection to his roots and his enduring commitment to his homeland.

Time of Birth:

Place of Birth: Nandom, Ghana

Long: 2.7606° W

Lat: 10.8526° N

Time Zone:


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Date of Birth: July 27, 1941

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