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Brigadier Ben K Akafia

Brigadier Ben K Akafia



Lieutenant General Ben Akafia MSG, born on December 20, 1940, is a distinguished retired Ghanaian military officer with a notable career spanning several decades. He served as the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Ghana Armed Forces from October 1996 to February 2001, succeeding Air Marshal Achilles Harry Kwami Dumashie and passing the baton to Lieutenant General Seth Kofi Obeng. Akafia's contributions were further recognized when he was appointed as Ghana's Ambassador to Egypt in 2001, showcasing his diplomatic prowess and commitment to national service.

Educationally, Akafia's journey began at Keta Secondary School before his enlistment into the Ghana Military Academy, Teshie in 1961. Notably, he underwent further cadet training at the prestigious Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, India. His academic pursuits also led him to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in War Studies from the National War College in Delhi, India, augmenting his military expertise. Additionally, he holds a Certificate in Management and is a member of the British Institute of Management, reflecting his dedication to professional development.

Throughout his illustrious 38-year military career, General Akafia held various command and staff positions, showcasing his leadership acumen and tactical proficiency. From Platoon Commander to Battalion Commander, he navigated through significant roles, demonstrating his versatility and strategic vision. Noteworthy appointments include his tenure as Commandant of the Military Academy and Training School and Chief of Staff at General Headquarters. His international assignments, such as serving as Deputy Defence Adviser to the Ghana High Commission in Pakistan and principal staff officer at the headquarters of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), underscore his global perspective and commitment to peacekeeping efforts.

Akafia's dedication to service and his exemplary leadership qualities culminated in his appointment as Army Commander in 1990, followed by his pivotal role as Chief of the Defence Staff in 1996. His tenure saw significant advancements and strategic initiatives within the Ghana Armed Forces. After his honorable retirement from the military in March 2001, he continued his service to the nation as Ghana's Ambassador to Egypt, further contributing to diplomatic relations and international cooperation.

His remarkable achievements and contributions to national security were duly recognized with the award of the National Honour of Member of the Order of the Star of Ghana (MSG) by the President of Ghana on January 6, 2001, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the nation and its people.


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Place of Birth: Ghana

Long: 1.0232° W

Lat: 7.9465° N

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Date of Birth: December 20, 1940

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